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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pats / Donkeys: 2nd Half: Do or Die time...

Well I had managed to calm down for half-time, but as soon as the 2nd half started, the blood pressure and stress-o-meter shot right back up to the max.

I am no longer able to sit on the couch. I have wrapped myself up in my Lucky Patriots Fleece Blanket and have taken to writhing in agony on the Patriots 'Nautical Blue' colored carpet with every play.

The wife has officially had enough of watching this performance and has headed upstairs to read... That is good. The Pats do better when she is upstairs reading... Time to bring out the superstition factor. Whatever it takes...

I've got 4 beers left for the 2nd half. 2 for each quarter, one for no holds barred game emergencies and one for either celebration or... well we wont talk about the 2nd option.


End of the 3rd:
A crushing turn of events for The Pats. After driving to the Broncos 5, a Brady interception leads to another Denver TD. 17-6 Broncos. The Patriots totally controlled the 3rd quarter, yet they continue to turn the ball over. All 17 points for The Broncos have come directly off of turnovers... Time is running out...

15 min left in the season...

12 and change left in the season. Adam just missed a field goal, so it's still 17-6, Denver.

I am starting to get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It kills me to say this, but I think it's going to take a football miracle at this point for The Pats to come back in this one... dammit.

Down to 8 and change left in the season and Denver has scored yet another TD as a direct result of a Patriot turnover. It's now 24 - 6, Denver. The Broncos have scored all 24 points off of Patriots turnovers. The Patriots have literally given this game away. The Pats have held Denver on defense and have driven the ball on offense, yet they have handed this game to Denver with turnovers.

This is a horrible, gut wrenching feeling I am experiencing right now. It's going to take an absolute miracle for The Pats to come back at this point. What a way to go out...

Under 7 min left now. The Pats just put up a quick TD to cut the score to 24-13, but the clock is now the enemy. Denver is killing the clock now and it sure seems to be running especially fast. 4:30 to go... Thats it for me. I'll be busy praying to the Football Gods.


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