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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pats / Jags: 1st Half

Hey gang. Checking in with a quick post for the Pats / Jags game. I could have gone to the game tonight but the price for the ticket was way out of my league. $160.00. That's a lot of milk and bread. Too rich for my blood. Oh well.

The 1st half has been very frustrating to watch.

One of the things that is getting under my skin is that Gil and Gino are waaaay ahead of the TV tonight. Usually the radio is only a few seconds ahead but tonight it is a good 10 seconds ahead, to the point where Gil is finishing the call just as it is starting on TV. At one point I actually considered going with the regular TV audio (I know, inconceivable!) but then realized it's Al Michaels and Jon Madden. F-that.

Although the Pats have the lead, which is obviously good, I feel like they are taking too many shots at the home run TD score instead of just trying to make 1st downs and sustain drives. This Jags team can kill you if you allow them to keep the score close, so we don't want to let these guys hang around.

I suspect this has been part of the reason for the continual attempts at long touchdown shots, that the Pats want to build up a quick insurmountable lead. Unfortunately, they have not been successful at it.

The Jags secondary has been tough and our receivers have been well covered.

Dillon and Bruschi's presence on the field has been sporadic. Faulk has come in and done a great job as the primary back but the D definetley seems to be missing Bruschi. The Jags big receivers have been taking advantage of our secondary.

The Jags have not played a very clean game themselves with quite a few penalties and a turnover. Thankfully they have only been able to put 3 points on the board.

Let's hope things get better for The Pats in the second half and they can start to put some distance between themselves and Jacksonville.



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