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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pats / Jags: 2nd half...

Well things have certainly turned around big time for The Pats in the 2nd half.

A huge TD run by the big Tight End, Ben Watson, who shrugged off 3 tacklers and took it to the house, followed by a 73 yard interception return for a TD by Asante Samuel, have put the boots to the ass of Jacksonville, big time.

28-3 Pats with 13 and change left in the 4th.

Leftwich is going to have to go to the pass now. Time for the D to shut things down. Nice job Pats. Lets buckle down now and finish it out...

11:39 in the 4th:
Jax is not going to go down with out a fight. They are in the Pats red zone and driving. Come on D. Hold them to 3...

Whoa. Wilfork and McGinnist just sacked Leftwich for a 15 yard loss on 3rd down. That's what I'm talking about.

The Jags went for the FG on the ensuing 4th down play and missed. Nice job defense!!. I gotta say, with Bruschi standing on the sidelines with his winter coat on, these guys have really stepped it up. Impressive... Most impressive (that's my Darth Vader circa 'Empire Strikes Back' voice. Heh.)

8:30 in the 4th and Leftwich is now standing on the sidelines. Garrard is in for Jax... 12th Man. You don't seem loud enough to me right now. Yell louder.

7:40 and The Pats just stuffed Fred Taylor on 3rd down. [Side note: I remember when Taylor came into the league w/ Robert Edwards.]. They're going for it on 4th and just converted on big play to the Pats 23. Fuck...

The Jags got to within the 10 but could not push it in. The Pats take over on downs inside the 10. Effin-A Cotton. Effin. A!

4 min and change. I think we can relax now with the score 28-3. There would have to be a series of miracles at this point for The Jags to come back in this game...

Wow. Brady just completed a pass to Dillon with a guy hanging off his leg and another guy grabbing at his chest. Damn the Pats just missed getting the 1st down by inches. Either way I have serious man-love for Brady right now after that play (not in a gay way, perv).

Total desperation for the Jags now. The Pats are just teeing off on the QB at this point. The Jags are going for it on 4th down again on their own side of the 50. They don't convert the 4th down and The Pats take over. This game is over my friends.

That's another NFL record for my team by the way... 10 playoff games without a loss. Let's keep that streak going. Willie McGinnist was huge tonight and set an NFL record for sacks in the post-season. Nice job Willie!

Cincy wins tomorrow, we go to Indy next Sunday. Pitt wins, we go to Denver for another Saturday night game. I wonder, is Indy is shaking in their cleats right now? I'll be rooting for Cincy tomorrow...



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Holy smokes, what a play!!!! Didn't expect it to be this much of a whooping...Cheers BW!!!!

(GO PATS!!!!)

Oh shit! Hold on I just finished my beer. Lemme get a fresh one! Ok. Here's to ya Firestarter! :)

Right back at ya...
Here's looking to Indy or Denver, my god I innocently drink a few jack & cokes and now I have a splitting headache...but I don't care!!! 'Night, BW!!!

Domination! XL here we come, baby!

Ouch FS, sorry to hear about the headache. Must be the caffine in the Coke? Next time go with Jack and Ginger Ale instead. Have you ever tried that combo? It's good.

One step closer 1/2 of Two! :)

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