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Friday, January 20, 2006

McDaniels named Pats Offensive Coordinator, Belichick locked in long term.

With his on the job training complete, The Pats named Josh McDaniels as their Offensive Coordinator today.

I figured this move might happen a little farther down the line in the off-season, but it makes sense that The Pats would pull the trigger on the move now. The coaching staff is now set and and The Pats have one less loose end to deal with.

It sounds like we can include Bill Belichick's status in that statement as well. It seems like hardly a word has been spoken about this, but Pats owner Robert Kraft recently revealed that Belichick's contract situation had been quietly taken care of, either via an extention or a new contract, (he would not divulge any details) and that Coach Belichick will be patrolling The Patriots Sideline and calling the shots for The Pats for a long time to come.

It's stuff like this that makes me truly appreciate The Patriots in such a profound way, I have a hard time even expressing it in words. This team is run so professionally and in such a methodical, business-like way, it is incredibly impressive to me, especially in this day an age. Compared to the way some teams operate, it continues to be a uniquely refreshing thing to witness.

There's no circus. There's no drama. There's no silly side show press conferences. The Pats take care of business and that's it. GM / Head Coach Bill Belichick's contract is getting close to expiring? It's taken care of. It's a done deal. Before there is even a hint of a possibility that his contract could expire and potentially cause problems, (there was still at least a year left on the previous contract), Belichick is locked in for the long haul, with hardly even a whisper about it in the press (as intended). Then the news is tucked away, barely a paragraph long, in an article that talks about Bob Kraft's thoughts on the Denver game and the upcoming off-season.

Have I mentioned that I love this team?

Now then, what was that some people were saying about The Pats Dynasty coming to an end? Don't expect it to happen any time soon. When you're team is solid at the top, you've got no worries. Yes, there may be some down years, but with Kraft and Belichick running the show, I know this team will always be competing for a Championship.



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Is it time for training camp yet BW? I think this team will be just fine, and it's definitely too soon to say their reign is over. They will be in the running for years to come. And I'm glad to see McDaniels get the promotion, even if he is younger than me. Which is depressing. And I read your post about going to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, and I would have to agree, yes you are getting old. But at least you're not a dirty old man...

That is funny you mentioned McDaniels age FS. I was talking about that very subject with my wife the other day about how McDaniels is like 28 or something, Mangini is 35, Theo is in his early thirties... It does make me wonder about some of the choices I made when I was younger, but the wife says that most people don't get those kinds of jobs... which is true, but it still makes you think...

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