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Friday, January 06, 2006

Playoffs Eve...

This Pats / Jags match-up tomorrow has me nervous.

I'm not comfortable with everybody and his uncle picking the Pats to win this game. The experts are giving the necessary lip service to the Jags, but in the end thats all it seems to be, lip service... Makes me feel kinda funny. Kinda like how everybody picked the Colts to annihilate The Pats in the Divisional playoffs last year. Look what happened to them. Nobody gave the Patriots a chance in that game and they utterly humiliated Indy.

Then again, The Pats are not the Colts. They know what they have to do and a bunch of loud mouthed football pundits and fans are not going to distract them or take away their focus. I'm sure they are not taking this Jacksonville team lightly, even if everybody else is. You can count me in the group that's not taking them lightly either. Anything can happen in an NFL Game.

Of course, this is normal behavior for me (though my wife would question exactly how 'normal' it is).

I always get nervous for Playoff games. It's a one game season now. There's no 5 game or 7 game series in the NFL. If you lose, you go home. Done. Of course, that is one of the things that makes the NFL great, but at the same time, it also makes it extra nerve wracking.

One thing that helps ease my worries is knowing that despite whatever the 'experts' say, The Pats know better. I know they are prepared and ready to play. Tom Brady has had his best season this year and he can be counted on to elevate his game in the playoffs.

It is also good that The Pats will have this game at home in their familiar surroundings at Gillette. I know our 12th Man at The Razor will do everything possible to help the defense and make things even harder for The Jags.

(Sean Brady/wireimage.com)

Lets rock.



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