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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolution Update Jan '06

Well, it's that time again. Time for the obligatory New Years Resolutions for '06. Most of my Resolutions are really just ongoing goals that never really change much from year to year, but, I think it's good to list them out. I feel that having them there as a stated goal helps to achieve them.

First, a review of last year's resolutions:

- Be a good husband and father - Duh. Obviously! This is never going to change but like I said, it's good to list it as an ongoing goal.

- Be a good employee and try to continue to rise above my current position. - Another one that's never going to change. I also continue to search for a job that I actually find enjoyable and not just one that pays the bills. I found a new job in the past year and although it's certainly an improvement over the old one, it's still not what I would consider to be my dream job. It pays the mortgage though so, there ya go. That's the most important thing. Ongoing...

- I want to get down to my wedding wieght of 155... - This was a goal that I was very focused on last year but unfortunately, I did not reach my goal of hitting my wedding weight. The closest I got was 159, 4 pounds off. For some reason it's like my body hit a brick wall at that weight and it literally has not budged from the low 160's for months. Over the holiday's I have allowed myself to indulge a little too much and my weight has gone up higher than I would like. I'm in the high 160's right now. Unacceptable, but not completely out of hand. 155 is certainly not out of reach. This is a goal that I have not given up on and I am committed to reaching this weight and beyond this year. I'm hoping to be a total hottie by the time summer rolls around. Well, at least a hottie as far as my wife is concerned that is...

- Keep up with guitar practice... - Once again, not really a resolution, but an ongoing commitment. I met with some other people to jam with last year and that has been fun. Better than playing along with CDs, that's for sure. I'm hoping I can maybe meet some people that live close by and have the same musical interests as me this year. I also saved up and bought an M-Box 2 from Digidesign, so I'm going to try and record some songs eventually, (once the dang basement is finished).

- I have a long term goal that am setting for myself to try and find a line of work that I enjoy. - See above...

- I'd like to try and write a novel... - I wrote like 4 pages and an outline and that was it. Pretty lame. This is still something I'd like to try and do. Part of the problem is that I tend to get ideas for things to write about just as I'm falling asleep, and at that point, I'm not motivated enough to get out of my warm comfy bed to go get the computer and write stuff down. To help with this problem, I went out and bought a notepad and I will keep it nearby my bed. I'm hoping that maybe if I get an idea I will at least jot it down in the notebook.

- New for this year, I need to finish my basement. I'd like to have this done by the end of March if possible.

- In the Spring I have one last stone wall that I would like to build in the back yard and general lawn care stuff that never goes away. I need to work at the few bare spots that are in the yard and get some grass growing there so it does not become more widespread.

- Here's a simple one. Get to work between 8 and 8:30. This one is actually harder than it sounds.

Well, those are some exciting 'resolutions'. We'll check back on them in 6 months...


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Congrats on the resolutions. I dont normally do any, but maybe my resolution should be to start? haha Happy New Year to you and your family! B

Good luck on those!

Thanks B and Ms. B!! I appreciate the support! :)

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