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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Since I'm getting older...

My son has really been getting into race-cars lately, so the other night I took the kids down to the local Ford dealership. They have a GT on display in their showroom so we went to go check it out. I thought the kids might like to see a real live race-car up close (and I wanted to get a good look at it too!)

As I stood there in a puddle of drool, staring at this incredible car and imagining what it would be like to drive one, my daughter tugged on my sleeve and brought me back to reality, "Daddy, I like that red one over there."

I looked over at the car she was pointing to, a Ford Focus. I just shook my head and laughed.

On the subject of automotive-dreams, I watched the North American auto-show today while waiting for the AFC Championship to begin. The show spent a lot of time focusing on another drool-inducing car, the new Dodge Challenger concept car. I figure if it goes into production, it should come out just about the time my days as a 30 something are drawing to a close. Mid-Life Crisis Car? Oh hell yes. I can dream can't I?


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