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Friday, January 06, 2006

Stay or go Manny, I don't care...

Manny Ramirez recently told reporters that he no longer wants to be traded and now wants to stay in Boston. What a fucking tool he is. I am so goddam sick of him and his antics. At this point I actually wish he would leave but as I have said many times, that is never going to happen thanks to his ridiculous contract.

Manny, you might as well face it. You are stuck with us and we are stuck with you, at least till 2009 anyway.

Somebody remind me, how much does this asshole get paid to hit and occasionally catch a fucking baseball? Fuck you Manny.


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over the course of being a sox fan i have learned that if you dont want to strap BOSTON across your chest then get the hell out of town ie;fisk, lynn,burleson,boggs clemens,vaughn,damon, wells ,manny and even THEO, wow i just thought of that last one !!

chris d.

p.s. jay payton you could have been primed to have a huge year this season,if you could have sucked it up for a couple of months as a 4th outfeilder. you dumb-ass

Thanks for the comment Chris! I hear ya there. You'd think getting paid 100 million to play baseball for adoring fans every night would not be so rough... I know it's probably difficult for these guys playing for fans that expect their team to win... heh.

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