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Friday, February 24, 2006

I miss football...

While most people around here seem to be frothing at the mouth for baseball to start, I am one of the oddballs that is sitting here pining for football. Damn I miss it. When does camp kick in?

The Pats off-season has kicked in in earnest with the scouting meat market combine taking place this past week, as well as the start of the free agency period right around the corner.

When it comes to the players on The Patriots, I am like Spock. I try really hard to be all cold and un-emotional, but sometimes, I just can't help it, that damn emotion just comes out.

It's looking like The Pats could potentially be losing some very good players during this off-season and if one of them is named Adam, I may have a conniption. Hopefully it won't come to that. If the Pats let the best clutch kicker in the history of the NFL go to another team, I will be beyond upset. I will be fucking pissed off. In my mind, Adam is one of the core pieces of this team that you do not want to lose. Yes, you might have to pay more than you would want to for a kicker, but as Gino Cappiletti has said on many occasions, Adam is more than just a 'kicker', Adam is a 'football player' and he is part of the group of key players that has made the Patriots what they are over the past 10 years. Just fucking sign Adam. Don't piss me off...

From reading the various reports, and from my own common sense in watching and understanding the situation, it seems inevitable that The Pats will lose David Givens. That really is a shame. He has been a go-to receiver for The Pats over the last 4 years and for selfish reasons, I would hate to see him leave the team.

At the same time, this is Givens' chance to make the big, big bucks and you can't begrudge a guy for wanting to hit the pay-dirt when his chance comes up... You never know, maybe he will want to stay with The Pats. The chance to play for a Superbowl contender does have it's merits, but it's hard to pass up what I'm sure will be offered to Givens for his services by teams that are looking for a high quality receiver.

Some other notable players on the Unrestricted Free Agent List are:
Tom Ashworth
Troy Brown
Matt Chatham
Andre' Davis
Tim Dwight
Heath Evans
Christian Fauria
Doug Flutie
Artrell Hawkins
Stephen Neal
Hank Poteat
Chad Scott
Michael Stone
Ross Tucker

Some will be back and some won't. Regardless of how attached to a player a fan may become, there will always be someone that will eventually take their place and hopefully help The Pats to return to the Superbowl on '07. That is the cold reality of the NFL (but if Adam's not back I'll still be fucking pissed. Stupid emotions...)


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