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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Let's go racin'...

The starting lineup is set. Let's go racin' people. I am ready.

Some Daytona odds and ends for ya.

- Anyone who calls racing boring should try actually going to a race and experiencing it live. In person, it is far from boring. Try standing on the white line, 10 feet back from the track as the cars go by you at 150 MPH and the force from the wind off the cars almost knocks you over. Boring? Hah!

- Earlier today I realized that I no longer hate Jeff Gordon. I was watching an interview with him on Speed Channel the other day and he was joking with the hosts and generally acting pretty cool. I thought to myself, you know what, Gordon's not that bad. Hatred over.

- I still think Kurt Busch is a dickhead.

- I love the mix of drivers in the starting 10. You've got old-school drivers like Mark Martin, established, former champions in Gordon, and LaBonte (who I love in the 43 car by the way) and young up and comers like Carl Edwards. Very cool.

- I hate all the hype that is getting kicked up around this year being 5 years since we lost Dale Earnhardt. Hate. It. Fucking. Hate. IT. The fact that someone dies is not something you use to hype up an event. Hey while you're at it, why don't you remind me about all the other dead friends I have. Thanks NASCAR. Fuck you. This storyline is all over the place. It's not just NASCAR, it's ESPN and pretty much every media outlet covering the event. It really bugs the shit out of me and I'm just a fan. I can imagine how it must bother Earnhardt's family... Not that the press gives a crap about respecting people's feelings...

[Okaaay. That was a nice little mini-rant there... Now where was I?]

- I'm so glad Mark Martin is no longer driving for Phizer. Even before that whole Kelo vs. New London thing happened, I have to say I never really liked rooting for the Viagra car. I have always said that I root for the driver, not the paint scheme on the car, but still. Rooting for the Viagra car did kinda suck. I like AAA as a sponsor a lot better.

I've been rooting for Mark to win that championship for so long now... He's been such an incredibly good driver for so long now and that championship has always eluded him. I really hope he can win it all this year.

- I think it's great to see Dale Jr.'s enthusiasm for racing has returned. He had an off year last year but this season it seems like he is really embracing the challenge of winning a championship for DEI. I'd love to see him dominate this year.

- It's great to see Jeff Burton on the Pole for the 500. After racing at a championship contending level for many years, he's had kind of off years the past few seasons. He has always been a favorite driver of mine. I hope he'll be in victory lane a few times this year.

- I can't believe Bill Elliot is still racing. I thought he was going to retire like 3 years ago. I guess the track is just in his blood. Nothing wrong with that! Bill Elliot is old school. It's great to see him out there.

- I really did not follow NASCAR too closely last year but I'm really excited for the Daytona 500 this Sunday. My drivers have not changed much over the years: #1, Mark Martin, #1A Dale Jr., #2 Bobby LaBonte, #3 Kenseth, #4... Hmm. I guess I don't really have a #4. I pretty much like all the drivers. There are only a few that I adamantly, do not like (Kurt Busch, that's you).

- I used the phrase, 'it's great' an awful lot in this post.


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