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Monday, February 20, 2006

New side job...

I recently started a new side job that I am very excited about.

Position: Lead Guitar
Responsibilities: Framming, occasional shredding where necessary, playing lots of musical notes in quick succession.

Ok. The story is that I answered a posting on Craigslist from some guys who were looking for a guitar player. They already had a drummer, bass player and a guitarist / vocalist and they were looking to add a second guitar player. They invited me to one of their practice sessions and liked the way I played so they asked me if I wanted to join their band, and just like that, I was in. Cool!

They all seem like a nice bunch of guys and they like to play straight-ahead rock songs. They are all around my age and have a similar taste in music. They asked me what I liked to play and I told them my usual, non-commital, 'anything'.

The bass player was like, 'no, seriously what do you like to play'.

I said, 'I like just about anything. Whatever's on the radio...'

'Do you like the heavy shit?'


'No, I mean the really heavy shit.'

'I don't know. Guess it depends on your idea of what 'heavy' is... I like metal, punk, rock, whatever...' (I'm kinda hard to pin down sometimes.)

He said he wanted to play some 'heavy shit' so he was glad that I was cool with that.

I never really got what his version of 'the heavy shit' was, but I told him I was a big Misfits fan so I could totally do some songs about killing people and destroying the world if he wanted to...

'Nah. We'll work up to that'



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You are always doing something interesting!

In a few days, that will definitely be true!

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