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Saturday, February 25, 2006


Wow, looks like I got in the mood to write a few posts last night eh? Hmm. Must have been the Reward Friday whiskey... That would probably explain the frequency of the f-bombs too. With the inconsistent manner of my posting lately, I should have saved a few for future entries. Oh well.

Right now I should be down in my basement sheet-rocking but I am procrastinating, big time. I have been looking at web pages and making some small changes to the layout of the site. I put that IM status thing back on. I figured I'd give it another shot. I don't know if anyone ever clicks on that thing or not, but I put it back up there just to see what happens...

I spent the morning cleaning the house like a madman. Once the baby comes home we expect to get several visitors and we would prefer that the house not be a complete disaster when people come over. The kids were on school vacation this past week and it seemed like every toy they own had somehow made it out of their room and into the middle of our living room. I could not even walk around in there so my wife and I went on a cleaning tear and got the whole place picked up and squared away. The kids helped pickup all their stuff and they did a good job so they both got some coins for their piggy banks and some ice-cream with lunch.

Tomorrow is going to be our last day as a 'foursome' and it feels very weird to me. It's a strange mix of excitement, anticipation, nervousness and anxiety. As I have mentioned before, I will be very relieved when the child-birth part of this whole experience is over and everyone is resting safely.

I want to try and do something fun with the family tomorrow as a way to put a cap on this season of our lives. Soon we'll be starting a brand new chapter in this story..

This song from Kenny Chesney does a good job of summing things up...

It's my life and its sure fun
Another season of my life's begun
Another race I'm glad I get to run
Another chapter of my life I'm writin'

No I'm never gonna feel like this again
Time's rushin by me like the wind
Got to grab each moment that I can
Cuz I'm never gonna feel like this again


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BW, you must be going nutty right now. My youngest is almost five now, and I've (almost) forgotten what it's like right before they're born. Congratulations, though, and I hope everything goes well and everyone is healthy.

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