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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Aww FUCK. Vinatieri a Colt??

You gotta be fucking kidding me Adam Vinatieri a Colt?? What the FUCK!?

Peyton Manning and Adam Vinatieri are now on the same team. I can't fucking believe it. Talk about skewed reality.

Next thing you know, Vanderjerk will be a Patriot. Imagine that scenario. Vander-jackass and Rodney Harrison sharing the same locker-room.

I'm so beyond flabbergasted right now. I'm literally too shocked to even try to say anything remotely substantial or logical. All I can bring myself to say is, FUUUUCK!! Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckin' FUCK!


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That is like Damon to the Yankees!

To me this is worse. Much worse...

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