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Friday, March 31, 2006

Notice anything?

So, you might have noticed, I've got the Red Sox colors goin' on now. Opening day is next week so I figured it was about time. The banner is an oldie that I have always been kind of proud of [pats own back] showing my back yard oasis in the height of summah.

Do you know how many hours it takes to cut Red Sox logos into grass?

I know it's a Summah-time pic and it's only the beginning of Spring, but I don't care. Why wait? Enjoy.

Go Sox!

Drinkin' Iced Coffee, Iced Coffee, Staring At The Wall...

The weather has officially turned awesome and it's now Dunkin's Iced Coffee time. Had my first one of the year the other day, now at a cost of $2.05 at the local Dunks.

I remember last year, they were like $1.76 or something like that. It seems they just keep jacking up the price. Two bucks for a cuppa coffee seems a little steep, but it doesn't matter, they know they've got me and they know I'll pay. Oh yes, I'll pay...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Hate binky wins Bristol...

When you follow NASCAR, it is a requirement that you always have at least one driver to root against. For me, that driver is Kurt Busch. So it was bad enough when he bumped Kenseth out of the way (legit move, even if it did piss me off) to take the lead and the victory at Bristol yesterday, but when he got out of his ride and started doing a Lonnie Paxton-esqe 'Snow-angel' display on the start / finish line, dude, that's just... lame.

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

What a dick.

Despite Busch taking the win yesterday, I was still pretty pleased with the results at Bristol, where several of my favorite drivers got top 10 finishes, including Kenseth, Harvick, LaBonte, Martin and Newman. Little E finished just out of the top 10 in 11th place. That's not a bad day at the bumper-car / demolition derby known as Bristol Motor Speedway.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Watcha doin'?

Hello. What's going on. Nada? Cool.

Me? Just havin' a beer and playin along with a few faves:

Ball and Chain (Mike N)
Death or Glory (The Clash)
The Old Account (The Man in Black)
Simple Man (Ronnie)
The KKK Took My Baby Away (Joey)
Do You Wear the Mark (Glenn)
Some Kinda Hate (Glenn)
Tell Me (Galaxie 500)

Happy Friday

Pats keep Troy Brown, Stephen Neal...

Good news. That Pats will keep Troy Brown, Football Player, and Right Guard, Stephen Neal.

I am very glad to see that Troy will be back this year. It would have been a shame if Troy's final play as a Patriot was his fumble in last year's playoff defeat to Denver. After 14 years, it's likely this could be his final season, (but you never know).

Troy needs 21 catches to overtake the great Stanley Morgan as the Patriots All-Time Leading Reciever. No problem, as long as he can focus on playing offense this year and not have to worry about filling in at corner.

I'm also glad to see Stephen Neal back. The former wrestler has developed into a very good offensive lineman. It's good to see that all the work the Pats put in to help Neal become a top performer will not go to the benefit of another team. Now Neal is locked in and is sticking with The Pats. Nice.


Because WEEI still sucks, Pats Football Weekly Podcast...

I was hoping to hear some Patriots news on my way home from work yesterday, so I tuned into Boston sports radio station, WEEI. I was quickly reminded of why I had abandoned that station some time ago. The 'conversation' pretty much consisted of the hosts and the phone callers trying to out-yell one another, and sounded something like this:






Thrown in there were some really clever sound effects too...

Later that evening, I was reading Patriots.com looking for some news and I learned that the 'Patriots Football Weekly In Progress' radio show is now being offered as a downloadable PodCast. (I'm not sure if there is a way to subscribe to it in iTunes...)


I have not listened to it yet. I'm going to check it out today on the ride in to work. I figure it's gotta be more informative than the 'conversation' that takes place on EEI..

You can subscribe to the Pats Football Weekly Podcast in iTunes, click here. (Now if I could just find a decent Red Sox PodCast.)

Bye bye, 'EEI...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Patriot Nation breathes a sigh of relief... Vander-jackass a Cowboy

Are the Dallas Cowboys intentionally trying to create the ultimate team of misfit football players? Now that Vanderjerk has signed with Dallas, the Cowboys now feature a locker room full of some of the most disruptive personalities in the NFL.

They've got T.O., they've got Terry Glenn, they've got Vanderjerk and of course they've got the ring leader himself, Bill Parcells, who is taking orders from megalomaniac Jerry Jones. It's like the NFL version of the Legion of Doom. It's like watching a car wreck happening right before your eyes. You can see all the pieces of disaster aligning for the big crash and you can't peel your eyes away from it.

If you follow the NFL, you simply have to pay attention to Dallas now, just to see what kind of insanity is going to ensue down there. I can only imagine what that locker room will be like.

As a Pats fan however, all I can say is, 'whew'! The idea of seeing Mike Vander-jackass trotting onto the field at the Razor in a Pats uniform, literally made my stomach turn. Hopefully the Pats just sign Edinger now and be done with it.

In the meantime, you'll have to excuse me now, because I've got to go throw up.

Makes me sick...


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sick day...

Yes, I'm still feeling like I got a kick in the stomach today over the Adam Viantieri Colts signing, but I'm going to allow myself only one day to dwell on this whole 'Adam is a Colt' thing. What's done is done so I may as well get over it and move on. Today will be my Adam Vinatieri sick day and then that's it.

If it helps you feel better, you are more than welcome to vent your thoughts about this disaster in the comments area. Swearing is allowed, (in case you did not notice from my earlier tirade).

I am pissed off that this happened and even though I am, by my own admission, usually a blind follower of the Belichick / Pioli brain trust, even I am really wondering what the hell is going on down in Foxboro. [Anger swelling. Remain calm...]

Meanwhile, the Pats need a new kicker and let me just say, Vander-jackass is not an option. Absolutely not. Bill, Scott, don't even think about bringing that tool into Foxboro.

That apparently leaves Paul Edinger, who paid a visit to Foxboro yesterday, as the Pats only real option at this point. He's a cold weather kicker, he's got a young leg at age 28 and he has some experience kicking with the game on the line.

There's also a rumor going around that Miami's Olindo Mare may become available at some point. I'm sure the Pats radio guys, Gil Santos and Gino Cappiletti, would be happy if he were to join the Pats. They'd have a ball with his name every time he came in to kick. Mare is an accurate kicker who has killed the Pats plenty of times in the past with his leg, but he's also a warm weather guy and he's getting up there in age...

Oh by the way, buried at the bottom of the Edinger article I linked to above is the news that Tim Dwight is now a Jet and Stephen Neal is meeting with Miami.

Are the Pats trying to keep any of their free agents? WTF!!? Has anybody called Keyshawn Johnson or Sam Madison yet? Ok, I'm getting all freaked again... Arg.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still in shock...

It's been several hours since I read the news on ESPN that Adam Vinatieri is now an Indianapolis Colt and I'm still in shock and a bit of denial, though I am now at least able to control my tourrettes syndrome-like reaction at the idea of Adam wearing a horseshoe on his helmet..

I keep checking ESPN and other sites for news that it's not true or that it was some kind of mistake... Nope. This is for real.

I am in complete and utter disbelief that The Pats could let something like this happen. The Patriots have oodles of salary cap room and could have easily made Adam happy without making hardly a dent in their salary cap.

I just don't get it.

How it went down earlier:
Me upstairs; checks ESPN.com: OHHH FUCK!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!

Wife downstairs: What's wrong? Did something happen? Is everything ok?

Me: NO!!!!

Wife echoing up from downstairs: Oh my god, what's the matter??

Me yelling from upstairs: Adam is now a Colt!!

Wife: What?

Me: HE'S A COLT!!!

Wife: Who? What are you talking about?

Me: Adam Viantieri signed with the COLTS!! [Biting tongue so as not to swear around impressionable children]

Wife: Ohh jeez...

Later that evening, watching TV...

Me: I can't believe Adam is a Colt.

Wife: What are they doing? Is anybody left on the team?

Me: Tom Brady, as far as I know... I can't believe Adam's a Colt.

Wife: Ok. Is this going to go on all night?

Me: I can't believe Adam is a Colt. [Punches couch pillow]

Wife: Ok, it's over now. Get over it! [Huffs]

Is this a test of faith from the Football Gods? Are they trying to find out if all my 'In Belichick We Trust' is just an empty statement? There has got to be something going on down there in Foxboro, some kind of mega deal that's waiting to be unleashed.

I was just thinking earlier today that I officially can't wait for baseball to start. I don't know what suddenly caused this feeling, maybe it happened because it is now officially Spring, I don't know, but something clicked today and I really want some baseball games to start soon.

On that note, I think I will borrow an old saying that used to be used for The Sox and apply it to The Pats current situation.

No matter what happens, there'll be 53 players on the football field come Sept.


Aww FUCK. Vinatieri a Colt??

You gotta be fucking kidding me Adam Vinatieri a Colt?? What the FUCK!?

Peyton Manning and Adam Vinatieri are now on the same team. I can't fucking believe it. Talk about skewed reality.

Next thing you know, Vanderjerk will be a Patriot. Imagine that scenario. Vander-jackass and Rodney Harrison sharing the same locker-room.

I'm so beyond flabbergasted right now. I'm literally too shocked to even try to say anything remotely substantial or logical. All I can bring myself to say is, FUUUUCK!! Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckin' FUCK!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I need a day off from my weekend...

I am totally beat as I write this. I spent all day Saturday putting screws into drywall. I went through two and a half, five pound boxes of sheet-rock screws. Sheesh. It was not mentally difficult, since there's no measuring or cutting involved, but it was tedious and time consuming and it does get tiring after a while. Thankfully I had some help from my Dad, who came over and gave me a hand with it, or it probably would have taken me twice as long to do.

Today I started filling in all the seams with drywall compound and tape. This was also not a particularly difficult job, basically you're just slapping goop in the seam between the boards and then smoothing it down, but it's still tedious and after spending all day doing it, tiring.

My father-in-law came over and helped me, and the two of us got about 1/3 of the walls done... This project seems endless, but that's how it goes when you only have the weekends to work on stuff.

Sometimes it seems hard for me to believe that a contractor can finish a basement in about two weeks, but then again they do have all day to work on it, 5 days a week, along with help from two or three assistants. I suppose being a professional as opposed to an amateur do-it-yourselfer helps a lot too. Heh.

Thankfully I've had a lot of help from my father-in-law. If it were not for his help, this project probably would not even be happening. It's a lot of hard work but I think it will be worth it. It's gonna be a nice room when it's done, someday, I hope.

(Tell me this is not the most exhilarating thing you have ever read on the internets...)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Somebody signed...

So The Pats finally signed somebody, former San Diego receiver, Reche Caldwell.

Don't feel stupid, I have no idea who he is either, but you know what, that's ok, because I don't have to know who he is. Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli know who he is and that is good enough for me.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I found this SI.com article the other day and thought it was link worthy.

It kind of talks about stuff that we already know, that the Pats don't make big splashes in free agency, yadda yadda yadda, but even so, I did find it was somewhat soothing to my jangled Pats Fan nerves, so there ya go...

Can somebody in Foxboro give Troy Brown a call?

Hey Bill and Scott,

Faithfull Pats fan, mrbandw here. Hey I was just wondering if somebody over there could give Troy Brown a call.

I know you guys are really busy right now, getting ready for the draft and making deals and trying to find somebody to play receiver, linebacker, corner and running back, so just give me Troy's digits and I'd be happy to ring him up and let him know that we definetely want him to come back to the Pats next year, and to just sit tight and you guys will get around to calling him eventually.

Thanks dudes, TTYL

Your faithful fan on the internets,

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

St. Patrick's Day and Reward Friday both on the same day?? Fan Effin Tastic!!

I'd like to wish everyone that drops by a happy and safe St. Paddy's Day. And don't sweat that whole 'no meat on a Friday' thing. I think the Big Guy upstairs will understand. It is St. Paddy's Day after all!

mmmmm. so yummy.

Enjoy your Guinness, Jameson, Baileys, and Corned Beef and Bangers and Mash my friends.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

See ya Willie...

I always knew it could happen, but I always thought it wouldn't. Willie McGinest is a now a Cleveland Brown. I had this crazy idea in my head that The Pats were going to try and make him an offer that would keep him in a Patriot uniform this year.

It's going to be weird seeing #55 coming after QB's in that ugly brown uni with the orange helmet... Dammit.

Oh, and since we're talking about guys heading out of Foxboro, I never gave props to Christian Fauria, now with the Redskins. He was a good tight end. All the guy ever did was catch touchdowns. Good luck down in Dan Snyder's kingdom dude.

Andre Davis is now a Buffalo Bill. Davis was a mainly a disappointment last season but he came on strong towards the end of the year. Eh. See ya Andre. Hopefully his performance does not suddenly take off now that he's playing for a division rival...

Last but not least, Matt Chatham is now a Jet. He was a decent backup LB for the Pats and a solid contributor to the team. See ya Matt.

The Pats are going to sign somebody, besides Artrell Hawkins and Hank Poteat, eventually...

In the meantime just keep repeating after me, In Belichick We Trust... [and sign Adam fer chrissakes, will ya??]

Losing interest in 'Lost'...

I am quickly losing interest in 'Lost'. This was a show that I used to be really into. I don't watch much TV, but I looked forward to this show coming on every week. Now after weeks of re-runs, followed by a couple disappointing episodes, only to be followed by more re-runs, (not even from this season, they are showing last year's episodes,) I'm starting to lose interest. Pretty soon I'm not going to care anymore and just stop watching all together.

Note to ABC: Get your shit together.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Now departing...

Ahh, the changing face of the NFL. Free agency is well under way and there are a lot of big name players jumping to new teams.

As expected, David Givens got the lucrative offer he was hoping for. He'll now be playing for Tennessee.

I can't say this was unexpected, though the recent stories in the press had given me a false hope that Givens might be back with The Pats. I'll be sorry to see Givens leave the team. He was a solid contributor in the receiving corps.

However, at the same time, reading that Keyshawn Johnson was recently cut by Dallas has me somewhat intrigued. The Pats just lost a good receiver in Givens. Could Johnson take Givens' spot in the receiving corps for The Pats? Would he be able to fit into New England's 'team first' style?

Johnson seemed to be fairly well behaved with The Cowboys under Parcells and he is still a very productive player. Keyshawn would certainly make a nice target for Tom Brady and along with Deion Branch, that would be a nice one-two receiver combination... Johnson was with the Jets during Belichick's tenure there but I can't say that I have the slightest inkling of a clue as to wether the two of them saw eye to eye.

The size of Johnson's ego makes me think that the chances of him coming to New England are slim. Mr, 'Give me the Damn Ball' probably would not be able to handle the title of '#2 receiver'. At the same time, my gut tells me The Pats might show some interest in him. It's possible that feeling is the meatballs I ate for dinner as well.

It's starting to sound like Willie McGinest could be joining RAC and former Patriot Ted Washington down in Cleveland. RAC is working on putting together a formidable defense down there...

Still no news on Adam Vinatieri. Every day I check ESPN's headlines throughout the day, looking for some news on Adam's situation. I'm hoping something is happening behind the scenes at Foxboro that will have Adam signed to the long term deal he is looking for...

Around the rest of the NFL, The AFC East just got a bit more interesting. Dante Culpepper is now a Miami Dolphin and the competition for the Division Title just got even tougher, depending on the state of Culpepper's knee, that is.

On a final note, which team is going to pick up the T.O. time bomb? I wonder if a desperate AFC East team will take a chance on him... Doubtful, and hopefully, not. It's being speculated that he is headed for Dallas. Parcells, Terry Glenn and T.O. Talk about a match made in heaven...

Now that the Free Agent game is underway, it may be another week or so before we see any arrivals in Foxboro. There is always a slight exodus at the beginning of free agency as the Pats bide their time and wait for some of the dust to settle. I have no doubt things are busy in Foxboro.

In Belichick We Trust

Monday, March 13, 2006

Made that a double...

2 straight wins for Mark Martin in the Craftsman Truck Series.

(John Cordes/Icon SMI)

Martin was unstoppable in the Busch Series and it's looking like it will be more of the same for the trucks.

Oh and did I mention that I love seeing him drive for Scotts?

It makes me want to go work on my lawn.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

So much for that...

Well my brief stint as a lead guitar player has come to a quick end. It seems that the guys in the band that I have been playing with for the last few weeks are looking for a bigger time commitment than I am willing or able to give. Working a full time job and raising 3 kids cuts into practice time and I have my priorities.

I can't say that I blame them, but it is kind of a bummer, for me personally, just because it was a lot of fun to be able to jam with some other musicians. Oh well.

On a positive note, it was nice to learn that I am able to 'hold my own', so to speak, with other musicians. When all all you ever get to play along with is an iPod, you start to wonder if you are any good at what you are doing or not. I would never claim to be the greatest player, but it's nice to know that I don't totally suck.

Once my basement is done, I want to try to record some stuff using the M-Box and either Garage Band or Pro-Tools. Fuck it. Who needs other musicians? Overdubbing is the shit. I have not tried either the Garage Band or the Pro-Tools LE apps yet, so I am not sure which one might be easier to use (any opinions out there are welcome). I'm waiting till my basement is complete before I really try to delve into that.

In the meantime, I heard Mike Ness might be looking for somebody to join him for another rendition of 'Live Before You Die'. Cue it up iPod.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Will they stay or will they go now?

With Free Agency set to begin in just a few hours, here are the remaining players on the Patriots unrestricted free agent list. Tomorrow could very well be a sad day for New England fans, depending on what many of these players do.

Adam Vinatieri
David Givens
Tom Ashworth
Stephen Neal
Troy Brown
Andre’ Davis
Matt Chatham
Tim Dwight
Heath Evans
Christian Fauria
Doug Flutie
Chad Scott
Michael Stone

We already lost Willie, but hopefully he will return. Reports in the press seem optimistic that this will happen, unless he gets some unbelievable offer from some other team, such as the Cleveland Browns...

I have pretty much resigned myself to losing Givens at this point, but hopefully Adam will return to the Pats. Hopefully we can get most of the O-Linemen on the list back with the Pats as well. We need that depth on the O-Line that these guys provide and at this point they are all experienced and versatile veterans.

Troy Brown should return and I hope we can keep Fauria as well. He was not extremely productive last year but he is a good 3rd level Tight End...

Davis could wind up being a diamond in the rough if he can stick around and continue the strides he made late last year.

Lets face it. I'd like to see them all come back, but that's not gonna happen. At this point Pats fans hope for the best and wait to see some arrivals in Foxboro instead of departures... Such as Kevin Mawae perhaps? We'll see...

In Belichick We Trust

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I hate it when my favorite players get cut...

I first read the news over at 'Cursed to First'. Big Willie McGinest has been cut by The Patriots due to salary cap reasons.


Sometimes the cold reality of the NFL just plain sucks. Despite a series of groin injury problems earlier in his career, Willie has been one of the Patriots' best players over the past 12 years. Since putting those injury problems behind him, Willie has proven himself to be an unstoppable force on the Pats D. The man is simply a sack producing, offense disrupting, machine.

The problem is that Willie also happens to be 34 years old and although he is still a high quality player, as was evidenced by his record-setting performance in the playoffs this past season, his cap number of almost 7 mil is just too high for a player of his age. (Hey, can't a fellow thirty-something get some respect? Yo. Willie is still a playa.)

Hopefully Willie will be back with the Pats, but the word on the street is that there are several teams out there who may be interested in procuring his services. Guess we'll just have to wait and see... as always.

In the meantime, for those of you looking for more Pats news, I'll point you to several quality sites to check out.

Patriots.com has a very good article looking at what the Pats next off-season moves might be.

Tom over at Patriots Report has been writing some extremely informative posts looking at the Pats offseason and their potential draft moves.

Pats Pulpit has also been putting out some great Patriots off-season info as well.

Finally, props go out to Miguel over at Patscap.com for the awesome salary cap info his page provides.

Good news out of Texas... no more acronym talk

The word has come down and it is good. The NFL owners have accepted the players union proposal and have extended the CBA for another 6 years. Thank goodness. Too bad they could not have extended it for another 50 years so we would not have to talk about it again for a very long time...

Now that the CBA is out of the way, free agency will start on Friday at some point (there are reports on ESPN stating that the owners would like to extend the start of free agency for one more day.)

With the new salary cap sitting at close to 110 Million, the Pats are in extremely good shape to go out and sign free agent players. Even if the CBA had not passed, the Pats would have been ok. They would have still been under the cap, but they would have been very restricted in their ability to go after players. Now, that will no longer a problem and I am very interested to find out who the Pats will try to go out and get on the free agent market.

As far as some of The Patriots own free agent players go, it has been reported that the team made an offer to Adam Vinatieri that would have kept him the highest paid kicker in football but he turned the offer down. Apparently Adam wants to find out what his value is on the free agent market and nobody can blame him for that.

Hopefully Adam will enjoy his ride in the waters of free agency and then decide that New England is the place to be, but if he does not, I am content with the knowledge that The Pats tried to sign him with a lucrative offer, which was then not accepted by the player. The Pats have done their best to keep Adam in New England and that is good enough for me. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NFL CBA B$ - Let's make a deal...

This is it. No, really. This really is it, the final day of decision for the NFL team owners. It's now or never. They either hold their noses and ratify a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, or they start down the long painful path to NFL Armageddon.

I'm hoping that the owners take the deal, even though, from what I've read, they don't particularly care for the offer they are being made. From this fan's perspective, I don't really care how all that money is divided up, all I care about is that the game is not interrupted and that it's integrity remains intact. For that to happen, that means there needs to be a salary cap.

It would be a shame if the NFL were to devolve into what Major League Baseball has become, where select teams, such as the Yankees and the Red Sox, teams with money to spend, are the perennial contenders year in and year out, while the majority of the teams, teams with far less money to spend, wind up as continual also-rans.

If you are a fan of the Washington Redskins, a team with a George Steinbrenner like owner in Dan Snyder, an owner with plenty of money and no apparent problem with throwing large amounts of it around, maybe an uncapped NFL is a future that you would like to see come to fruition, but what if you are a fan of a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars? Do you really want to see your NFL team turn into the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of football, a team that seems to have no hope of ever keeping up with the big boys of MLB? Or maybe you'd like to compare your NFL team to the Toronto Blue Jays, a team that puts up a fight every year, but continually ends up in the middle of the pack. Buffalo Bills fans, can you picture that scenario?

From my standpoint as a Pats fan, I want to see the NFL continue with a salary cap in place, but I'm confident that my team will be ok either way. The Pats have shown that they know how to be successful within the Salary Cap system, and if it were removed, I'm sure the Krafts would make good use of their money and bring the best players they could to New England.

I will admit, there is a greedy, stupid little part of me that would love to see this happen, because in an uncapped NFL, The Pats would be able to remain as one of those upper-echelon teams for many years to come, but the football fan in me is thinking about the big picture, and the game of football itself, and I know that without a salary cap, the overall quality of the game would begin to decline.

The thing that makes the NFL the greatest of the professional sports leagues is the quality of the competition every week. The NFL is the only pro game that I will watch, even if my team is not playing in the game. I will sit down on a Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoy watching a K.C. vs Jets or Atlanta vs. Green Bay game. And while I may occasionally watch an NHL game featuring a team other than the Boston Bruins, simply because I enjoy the game of hockey, I can't say that about baseball or basketball. I would never sit down to watch a baseball game not featuring the Red Sox or a basketball game not featuring the Celts. There's just not enough interest in the sport itself there for me.

In the NFL, it is different. In the NFL, every team has a chance to win, every week, regardless of the win-loss record. In the NFL, every year there is a chance that this could be the year for your team to win a championship, even if your team went 2-14 the previous season. Only in the NFL can a team go 5-11 one year and then the following year, win the league Championship. Stuff like that just does not happen in the other professional sports leagues.

Hopefully the NFL owners do the right thing, take the deal and stay on the path of football goodness that currently exists with a salary cap in place.

Unfortunately, putting my faith in a bunch of very, very rich men to cooperate with each other and share their money for the good of the game does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, but I'm hoping that at the end of the day, the NFL owners will recognize what is at stake.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

What's goin on?

Hey internets. It's March. I know a lot of people do not like March, but I do.

First off, my birthday is in March, and even though I don't like to have a big deal made out of my birthday, I do enjoy getting a card from my wife and small, hand-made gifts from my kids and stuff like that on my birthday. Also, I usually celebrate my birthday with a little extra alke-ma-hol. Not to get loaded or anything, just to mark the day. There was once a time when I did not think I would make it past the age of 25. Thank goodness that I have. I would have missed out on a lot of incredibly great stuff.

The other reason I like March is because St. Patrick's Day is in March. I am not Irish, but I do like Guinness and if St. Patrick's day is an excuse for me to have one, I'll take it. Here is a St. Patty's Day oddity for you: to my knowledge, I have never had corned-beef.

Another reason behind my fondness for March is that it is followed by April and also Scott's 4-Step lawn program goes on sale in March, and when lawn products are on sale, Spring can not be too far away.

Since I'm not posting too much lately, here are a few quick updates:

Fat Fighting: I am in the 150s muthafuckas. That's right. It has taken me what has seemed like forever and I was seriously beginning to wonder if that damn scale was actually broken, but I am now within striking distance of that elusive goal of 155 and the ultimate goal of eventually getting under 155...

Basement: The sheet-rocking is almost done. All the walls and closets are done. I now have to do small areas like above the closets and doors and stuff like that, then it will be time for the taping phase. Woo. I will be so glad when the sheet-rocking is done because it will start to feel like a room, not a basement.

Once the sheet-rock is completed, it will be time for paint. I am going to try and paint one of the walls to look like The Green Monster at Fenway.

Baby: We brought the baby home from the hospital on Thursday morning. As I'm sure you can guess, helping with the baby has taken up almost all of my time. My wife had a c-section so I am off from work this week to help out with taking care of the kids and getting things done around the house.

I don't want to get too mushy on everybody, but our new baby is truly a gift from heaven. She is such a good baby and I truly believe that she may be the cutest thing that I have ever seen (not that I am biased or anything, ha ha!) She only cries when she is hungry or has other diaper related issues. She spends most of the time sleeping but when she is awake she is happy and is very inquisitive about this new place she is in, looking all around and listening to all the new sounds and voices. She really likes to hear the voices of her big brother and sister. Whenever she hears them she opens her eyes and looks around to try and see where they are.

Right now she likes to be awake at night and sleep during the day, which makes things hard on my wife, and me, to a much lesser extent. We have gotten very little sleep over the last few days because the baby is active at night and we have been up at all kinds of crazy night-time hours.

I have been drinking mega-amounts of coffee these last few days. For my morning cup, I usually fill the water level for the amount of coffee to the '3' line. These last few days, I've been filling it up to the '5'.

We have been trying to get the baby on a normal time schedule by waking her up more during the day. We are hoping this way she will want to sleep more at night. We expect her to still wake up when she is hungry, but that is ok.

Well, that's the, 'all about me', update, which I'm sure you all love.

It's looking like the NFL Idiots are not going to be able to meet their deadline to try and figure out how to divide up all that money they all make before free-agency starts on Monday, but I will try and write about that another time. I'll shoot for something tomorrow.

Right now, it's time for some wild Saturday night action: I'm going to have a Miller Lite and watch a few episodes of Miami Vice, Season 1. Wooooo!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Now I don't have to sit through 'Brokeback Mountain'

I have no desire to see this movie but I will admit that all the hype around it lately has somewhat aroused my curiosity towards it...

Thanks to this, I no longer have to give up 2 hours of my life to learn what this movie is about.

(Angry Alien Productions)

Thank you bunnies!


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