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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sick day...

Yes, I'm still feeling like I got a kick in the stomach today over the Adam Viantieri Colts signing, but I'm going to allow myself only one day to dwell on this whole 'Adam is a Colt' thing. What's done is done so I may as well get over it and move on. Today will be my Adam Vinatieri sick day and then that's it.

If it helps you feel better, you are more than welcome to vent your thoughts about this disaster in the comments area. Swearing is allowed, (in case you did not notice from my earlier tirade).

I am pissed off that this happened and even though I am, by my own admission, usually a blind follower of the Belichick / Pioli brain trust, even I am really wondering what the hell is going on down in Foxboro. [Anger swelling. Remain calm...]

Meanwhile, the Pats need a new kicker and let me just say, Vander-jackass is not an option. Absolutely not. Bill, Scott, don't even think about bringing that tool into Foxboro.

That apparently leaves Paul Edinger, who paid a visit to Foxboro yesterday, as the Pats only real option at this point. He's a cold weather kicker, he's got a young leg at age 28 and he has some experience kicking with the game on the line.

There's also a rumor going around that Miami's Olindo Mare may become available at some point. I'm sure the Pats radio guys, Gil Santos and Gino Cappiletti, would be happy if he were to join the Pats. They'd have a ball with his name every time he came in to kick. Mare is an accurate kicker who has killed the Pats plenty of times in the past with his leg, but he's also a warm weather guy and he's getting up there in age...

Oh by the way, buried at the bottom of the Edinger article I linked to above is the news that Tim Dwight is now a Jet and Stephen Neal is meeting with Miami.

Are the Pats trying to keep any of their free agents? WTF!!? Has anybody called Keyshawn Johnson or Sam Madison yet? Ok, I'm getting all freaked again... Arg.


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Keep the Faith! Doug Flutie can play on special temas and catch across the middle! I am sure he and Troz Brown (if he comes back) can play more on the D as well. Inside Linebacker is still an option.....

You are a nut

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