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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still in shock...

It's been several hours since I read the news on ESPN that Adam Vinatieri is now an Indianapolis Colt and I'm still in shock and a bit of denial, though I am now at least able to control my tourrettes syndrome-like reaction at the idea of Adam wearing a horseshoe on his helmet..

I keep checking ESPN and other sites for news that it's not true or that it was some kind of mistake... Nope. This is for real.

I am in complete and utter disbelief that The Pats could let something like this happen. The Patriots have oodles of salary cap room and could have easily made Adam happy without making hardly a dent in their salary cap.

I just don't get it.

How it went down earlier:
Me upstairs; checks ESPN.com: OHHH FUCK!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!

Wife downstairs: What's wrong? Did something happen? Is everything ok?

Me: NO!!!!

Wife echoing up from downstairs: Oh my god, what's the matter??

Me yelling from upstairs: Adam is now a Colt!!

Wife: What?

Me: HE'S A COLT!!!

Wife: Who? What are you talking about?

Me: Adam Viantieri signed with the COLTS!! [Biting tongue so as not to swear around impressionable children]

Wife: Ohh jeez...

Later that evening, watching TV...

Me: I can't believe Adam is a Colt.

Wife: What are they doing? Is anybody left on the team?

Me: Tom Brady, as far as I know... I can't believe Adam's a Colt.

Wife: Ok. Is this going to go on all night?

Me: I can't believe Adam is a Colt. [Punches couch pillow]

Wife: Ok, it's over now. Get over it! [Huffs]

Is this a test of faith from the Football Gods? Are they trying to find out if all my 'In Belichick We Trust' is just an empty statement? There has got to be something going on down there in Foxboro, some kind of mega deal that's waiting to be unleashed.

I was just thinking earlier today that I officially can't wait for baseball to start. I don't know what suddenly caused this feeling, maybe it happened because it is now officially Spring, I don't know, but something clicked today and I really want some baseball games to start soon.

On that note, I think I will borrow an old saying that used to be used for The Sox and apply it to The Pats current situation.

No matter what happens, there'll be 53 players on the football field come Sept.



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I have read that the Pats might try for Vandejerk - but guess Packers and Dallas are also interested. The guy sucks on clutch kicks and has never proven himslef outdoors!

With all the money Bill and Scott are saving the Krafts - do you think they will be having free give aways if the Pats ahve a losing season?

If we finally spend the money will it go to a guy liek LaVar Arrington who is still sort of you and a great outside threat? Or will it be Charles Woodson at CB? Hey we cannot forget Ty Law - his family has to eat!

I think if we move Vrabel to the outside pick up a decent inside LB near the top of the draft (seems a good year) all will be well as long as Beisel, Bunta-Cain and co. have learned enough to plug the middleuntil the rookie is ready (ala Ellis Hobbs).

Otherwise I think the money will not go quickly, we will continue to look to the draft and some bargain free agents and hopefully lock up Seymour and Branch for a few more years before the start of training camp.

Call me silly - but I all these scenarios are still out there.

I am wondering what Brady thinks on all this.......

on the road and keeping the faith alive

//Punches couch pillow//

for some reason i got a REALLY funny image in my head from this. lol.

Ha ha. Cool :-)

I read somewhere that maybe one of the reasons there have not been big FA signings might be because the Pats are working to lock up Seymour and Branch. I hope it's something like that!

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