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Saturday, April 01, 2006

1st Baseball Post: 5 reasons why the Yankees will win the A.L. Pennant

Reason #1: They have one of the best if not the best pitching staff in baseball. Two words: Randy Johnson.

Reason #2: They have the best shortstop in the game in Derek Jeter.

Reason #3: A-ROD breaks out this year and finally claims his unfulfilled championship destiny as a NY Yankee.

Reason #4: Johnny Damon is the best lead off hitter in the game, and now that he's cut his hair, he'll be even faster on the baselines.

Reason #5:

Ok. I know. That was an easy one. Did I get ya? Yeah. Didn't think so, but it was fun anyway. The Yankees win the A.L. Pennant this year...Phhht! Hah!

This morning I tried to explain to my kids the concept of April Fools Day:

"Here's what you do. When Mommy comes downstairs, tell her something like, 'we don't want any jellybeans for Easter'.

They gave me a befuddled look and said, 'Nnnoooo Dad, we do want jellybeans on Easter!'

'No, you're not getting it,' I said. 'It's a trick. It's not real, you're just playing a silly joke on somebody. So when Mommy comes down, say something like, 'I want some carrots for breakfast'.

'But Dad, we want waffles for breakfast, not carrots!'

Forging onward, I tried to explain again, 'You guys are not getting it, April Fools is a joke, you don't really mean it.'

'A joke?'


'Okaay. Dad, why was six afraid of seven?'


'Because seven ate nine!'

I give up.


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