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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm building a monster in my basement...

A Green Monster.


Right now it's a work in progress. It needs a couple more coats of paint. When this part is finished I'm going to get some stencils and paint the scoreboard on there too. I want to try and paint letters and numbers that are approximate to the actual size of the real scoreboard, so it will wind up looking like a section of the Green Monster, not a full, mini-sized scoreboard.

I'm thinking I'll paint a little doorway and in a darker green paint, that you'll have to look closely to notice, I'll write something like 'Looking for Manny?' With an arrow pointing to the door, or something goofy like that. (I'd be open to suggestions actually...)

It should be pretty cool when it's finished. (If it's ever finished...)


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that sounds so awesome

Thanks Katie! We put another coat on there last night and it's looking really good now. One more coat of green should do it.


Awesome. You'll have to post the finished product. Or do some stages.

Thanks 1/2!

After the next coat of green paint is on there it will be ready but I am going to hold off on the stenciling till the drop ceiling is in place, that way I can make sure everything lines up good before I paint the scoreboard on there.

I will definetely post a finished pic when it is done!

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