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Monday, April 17, 2006

An exciting finish on Patriots Day...

Today I was stuck and work and it looks like I missed out on a hell of a Sox game. Mark Loretta took on the hero's role today with a bottom of the 9th, 2 out, 2 run, game winning walk off homer. Damn. That would have been so cool to see!

During the course of the game, I checked in for an occasional update via CBS Sportsline but the computer generated experience leaves much to be desired compared to the real thing, especially when the score is going back and forth on the virtual score-board and you're dying to know what is happening in real life.

Getting the game updates via computer gives me a very disconnected feeling. My head tells me I should be excited, because there are obviously good things happening at the ballpark, but without any visual or audible connection to what is happening on the field, my heart does not get that adrenaline rush feeling of excitement when something happens. It's just full of anxiety and questions, "What's going on? What's going on? What's going on?? Come ON you stupid computer screen thing! Update already!!"

Well, there's always the highlights when I get home...

Since I'm on the subject of Patriots Day baseball, my first trip to Fenway happened to be a Patriots Day game and now every year on this day, I think back to my first visit to Fenway Park and my first live Red Sox game experience.

Here's the problem: I don't remember very much of it.

I don't remember who the Sox were playing that day, I don't remember who pitched or any of the players on the field. I don't even remember who won or lost. All I know is, I sat in the bleachers, The Sox were playing and I had way too many beers in me.

I also remember that I had a blast at the game, and I recall going out into the jammed streets of Boston afterwards to watch the marathon runners and to visit, then shortly thereafter get thrown out of, several nearby taverns... Ahh, youth.


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I think I was there that same day!

You should fill me in on some of the details then! ;-)

hey - how about this one!


what song do you suggest?

I fly to LDN on Wednesday morning and will be flying back here to ZH on Thursday night. I am still arranging my return to the US beginning of May.

So hope to see you when I get back.

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