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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Opening Day thoughts and indoctrination techniques...

Just a few quick thoughts on Opening Day:

The game tracker of choice at work is CBS SportsLine. The graphics are very well done and it provides a lot of good information. One thing that was interesting was this thing they have called the glog. Basically it's somebody live blogging the game. Nice gig...

It was good to 'see' Shilling come out and dominate. I think he's out to prove something this year. Paplebon was impressive as well. Foulke was shaky. I'm not one of those people that's going to jump all over him right off the bat, but he needs to show that he's got his shit together fairly quickly. Luckily The Sox had a big lead in the game, so no harm done, but if that was a one or two run game... Nuff said there.

Earlier tonight I finally broke the news to the kids that Johnny Damon is now a Yankee. Johnny was their favorite baseball player... They seemed to take the news well. My daughter still wanted to root for Johnny, but my wife suggested she root for Big Poppi instead.

"What does Big Poppi do?"

"He hits baseballs out of the ballpark. He hits lots of home runs."

She had to think about it, but after a few minutes she seemed to be ok with that. My daughter is 'the hitter' of the crew. She likes to hit balls off of a T and she takes it very seriously. If I tell her that she had a nice hit when she only got a peice of the ball, or hit the T, she's all, "No Dad, that wasn't a good one," so I think that might be part of the reason she was able to make the switch over to Ortiz.

My son liked Damon a lot too, but he took the news a little easier. He likes to throw the ball so he is a Shilling fan. "Is Curt Shilly still on the team?"


"I like Curt Shilly!"

"Good. He is a pitcher. He throws the ball."

"I'm going to root for Shilly."


My daughter asked, "Who does Johnny play for now?"

"The Yankees."

"We don't like them. They are stinky."

"That's right, they are."

"Just like The Steelers, right Dad?"


After the big sister and brother went to bed, I sat with my baby daughter and watched a little of tonight's Sox game while she drank her bottle. It has not been a good game to watch as your first Red Sox game, ever. I told her, "Don't worry, tomorrow they'll be better..."

She gave me a look, as if to say, "Ok Dad. If you say so," and headed off to sleep.


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Thanks for the update. Good to hear the faimly it taking it well.

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