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Friday, April 14, 2006


Watching Pap stare down batters with the rain coming down around him... Mesmerising. Especially going against Ichiro, (my favorite player who's not a Red Sox), getting the swinging strike and circling the mound... Letting the fury reign for a brief moment... That's the outlet after getting the big strike out. The right foot follows through and comes down and he circles the mound letting that smoldering intensity flame up and then burn off quick, reigning it in for the next batter... Papelbon of the 0.00 ERA. I fucking love that guy.


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//Letting the fury reign for a brief moment//

LOL. makes me think of that line from Road Trip--"Unleash the fury, Mitch. UNLEASH! THE! FURR-EEEE!!!"

Ha ha! Good movie reference! :-)

Everyone is lovin' the Papelbon. Seriously, the raw emotion from that guy... you gotta love that. How can you not love this guy?!?

Ms. Brightside! Good to hear from ya!

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