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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pats schedule thoughts...

After the brutality of last year's Patriots schedule, this year's schedule is much more reasonable. There is a long way to go and a lot of stuff that will happen between now and the start of the NFL season, but here are my worthless thoughts with a look at this seasons games anyway.

Sep 10 Buffalo 1:00pm - The Pats will be opening up the season at home against the Bills. It's always good to start at home with your own crowd behind you. The Bills are one of those teams where the record does not matter for the Pats. They are always tough.

Sep 17 @N.Y. Jets 4:15pm - The Jets are going to be starting in their first year with their new head coach, Eric Mangini, who, while he was a fine defensive coordinator (for all of one year), has zero head coaching experience. This will be an interesting game. Normally I would say the Pats roll in this one due to the coaching factor, but Eric has a little inside information that may throw a little twist into this one. I still see this one as a win for The Pats.

Sep 24 Denver 8:15pm - A home vengeance game against The Broncos on Sunday Night Football. Realizing it's way too early for predictions in a game like this, I'll pick the Pats, for the incredibly logical reason of, 'because'.

Oct 1 @Cincinnati 4:15pm - I know I've said this before and I will say it again: 4:00 games rock. Cincy is not a pushover team anymore. This one will depend on the health of Cincy's quarterback, Carson Palmer. This should be a fun game, either way.

Oct 8 Miami 1:00pm - Miami comes to New England in early October and the weather should be fantastic, unless it is rainy or something. Either way, there won't be any snow. I'm sure they Fish are very grateful.

Week 6 BYE - The bye week comes at a pretty good time. Almost right in the middle of the schedule. Nice.

Oct 22 @Buffalo 1:00pm - Just as Miami should be happy to be heading to N.E. in Oct, I am also happy to be heading to Buffalo in October. Buffalo is always a crazy place to play late in the year, with the snow and the wind. I'd rather head up there when the weather is decent.

Oct 30 @Minnesota 8:30pm - Dome team in dissarray. Nuff said.

Nov 5 Indianapolis 8:15pm - Indy comes to N.E. The NFL just wants to keep giving the Pats opportunities to beat up on Peyton Manning in prime time I guess. I think the 'Greatest QB in the History of Football' luster is finally gone from Manning after last season. It'll be interesting to see Adam's reception at the Razor with a horse-shoe on his helmet.

Nov 12 N.Y. Jets 1:00pm - Jets at home. With more than half a season behind Magini to 'settle in' as head coach, it will be interesting to see the difference in the Jets at this point in the season compared to our initial meeting in game 2.

Nov 19 @Green Bay 1:00pm - Has Brett Farve made his decision on wether to retire or not yet? Geez... Pats at Lambeau. This should be a fun game. And, once again, I can't help but notice that we will be playing a cold weather team in the fairly mild month of November. Fantastic.

Nov 26 Chicago 1:00pm - Chicago comes to Foxboro. This should be another fun game. The Pats are playing some cool teams that they have not seen in a long time this year. When was the last time Chicago was in Foxboro? I can't even remeber... I still want vengeance for SB XX.

Dec 3 Detroit 1:00pm - As we enter December, we head inside to a dome to play a, well, let's just be honest, a team that's not very good. Of course, there's always the 'Any Given Sunday' factor, but I think The Pats should win this one.

Dec 10 @Miami 1:00pm - December 10 and we're in Miami. This is more of a favor for Miami than The Pats, but I don't think you'll hear any loud complaining in Foxboro either. I think the AFC East will be a battle between The Pats and Miami this year, so this will be a key game for both teams.

Dec 17 Houston 1:00pm - A warm weather / dome team heads up to N.E. for a nice cold December game. Welcome to The RAZOR Houston.

Dec 24 @Jacksonville 1:00pm - And once again, we head south, this time for a rematch with Jax. This one will be tough. Jax will have revenge on their minds for last year's playoff loss and both teams will be making a playoff push at this point in the year.

Dec 31 @Tennessee 1:00pm - David Givens will be wearing the flaming thumb-tack on his head, but will we miss him at this point in the year or will we will be saying David who? We'll see. New Years Eve. Let's kick the New Year celebration off right with a Pats win. Sounds good.


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