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Friday, April 14, 2006

Rally cap needs some mojo...

Last night I flipped on the TV and put the Red Sox game on. It was 1-0 Sox.

I went upstairs to get the kids into bed and when I came back down it was 6-1 Jays and I was asking myself what the hell happened here? Is this a repeat of last nights game?

Unfortunately it was not a repeat, but it was more of the same from The Sox starting pitching, allowing the Jays to build up an early inning lead that would eventually prove insurmountable.

The Sox rallied in the late innings once again last night, but unfortunately, the early inning deficit proved too much to overcome. I had the rally cap on but it just did not have enough mojo in it to help the Sox get over the hump.

Thankfully, we have a stopper. My son's favorite player, 'Curt Shilly' is on the mound tonight versus my 'B' team, the Seattle Mariners...


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