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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Some thoughts on The Pats recent signings...

So the Pats were busy last week (for them anyway), signing four players. None of them are big name, break the bank type players, but all of them are solid and, with the obvious exception of Gramatica, will provide good depth in the secondary, an area that has continually been snake-bit with injuries for the past several years.

I expect all of these players will mainly be special teams contributors, but that should not be considered any kind of slight towards them. Anyone that's followed the Pats during Belichick's reign knows that Special Teams are not an area that is considered any less important than Offense or Defense. All three phases count in The Pats system.

The most recent signings were Tebucky Jones and Martin Gramatica. I've gotten the general impression that people are 'down' on these two signings and I don't really see why.

I'll talk about my thoughts on Gramatica first. I get the impression that people are somehow expecting the Patriots to just go out and replace Adam Vinatieri. Well, that can't be done, so I think bringing in Gramatica is a good move. Prior to his injury, he was a very good kicker with good distance and accuracy. He is supposedly fully recovered from his injury and now will get a shot with to resurrect his career with The Pats. That story sounds kind of familiar... Frankly I like Gramatica over Paul Edinger.

I expect The Pats will also bring in a rookie kicker to camp and let the two players battle it out for the position. Who knows, they could even bring in a player from NFL Europe to add to the compitition as well...

The other player signed recently, Tebucky Jones, has come under a lot of derisive talk as well. Why are people so down on Tebucky Jones? He is an exceptional special teams player and is a quality safety as well. He is a former starter for the Pats, who is familiar with their defense, and if we get bit by the injury bug again, Tebucky will provide The Pats with a very good backup at the safety position.

I am not trying to convince anybody that Tebucky is the perfect player, and I know all about his tendency to occasionally whiff on tackles, but I'm not expecting him to replace Rodney Harrison (who will be back this year). He is a special teams guy and a backup and I think he fits in well in his intended role. If we start losing players in the defensive backfield again, I'd rather see Tebucky back there than Artrell Hawkins or Gus Scott. I think Tebucky may still be carrying the stigma of the failed experiment playing at corner under Pete Carroll. When he moved over to his natural position at safety, he showed an immediate improvement. He was a very good player when he was with the Saints as well. Stop dissing Tebucky.

Earlier in the week The Pats had signed Mel Mitchell. I don't have a huge amount to say about this signing that's not already been talked about in the papers and the article I linked to. He's a good special teams guy and provides depth in the secondary.

Finally, Eric Warfield, from K.C., another decent corner, not a guy that makes you jump up and down in excitement over the signing, but a good addition that ads depth in the secondary where we need it.

The Pats also kept one of their own, signing cornerback Randall Gay today. Hopefully he (along with everyone else back there) can stay healthy this year.

With all the guys The Pats have brought in to provide depth in the secondary, I'm hoping this will be the year we will see Troy Brown spend the entire season focusing on offense.

I will admit to being pretty freaked out several weeks ago after seeing Adam and Willie leave The Pats for other teams, but I have settled down at this point. The draft is only a few weeks away and the Patriots are loaded with picks. That is the area where the Pats have always tried to build the team and I am looking forward to seeing who The Pats will get in the draft this year. I'm sure the free agent signings are not done either.

There's still a long way to go between now and the opening game in Sept.



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great analysis...makes me feel like a bad pats fan / blogger that i didn't pick up on it.

have you heard anything about rodney harrison being back? or is that just your outlook? what makes you sure he'll come back? not trying to argue with it (i hope he's back too!) but just wondering what you've seen / heard that makes you optimistic.

Hi Beth!

I've read a couple reports around the web saying he's working out at Foxboro and is optimistic and on schedule, but the thing that really made me feel confident about Rodney coming back (and this might make you laugh) was a promo I saw recently on FSN New England Sports tonight that featured Harrison and he was saying (paraphrased)...

'The hosts of this show say I won't be back, but I will be back. Count on it! You're watching Fox Sports Net...'

Nothing motivates Harrison more than telling him he cant achieve something. Harrison is the balls.

the balls he is. Rodney's a gamer and he'll work his ass off to get back on the field.

I agree about tebucky, and Bill knows what he's getting more than anyone else. What I love most about that signing, though, is the pats ability to cut a player without cutting ties.

'Sup Reb! Gotta agree with you there. The Pats are like the Sopranos of the NFL... Brutal on occasion, but no hard feelings, it's just business...

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