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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The good news we've been waiting for: Seymour is LOCKED IN

You like Apples? How about these apples: ESPN.com: Seymour, Pats agree to long-term contract extension.

Terms were not disclosed, but the article speculates that Seymour could retire in a Pats uniform. Fan-effin'-tastic!

This is great news for Patriot Nation. As we watched one big name after another leave the team at the beginning of free-agency, I had been hoping The Pats were behind the scenes at Foxboro working on a deal with Seymour. It's good to see that hopeful thought realized.

Maybe we will soon hear a similar story regarding Dion Branch's contract as well. Fingers are crossed.



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Ya-Hooo! And I do believe they are determined to lock up Branch as well. I'm wondering, though, how have the pats and sox suddenly plugged all leaks regarding contract terms?

not sure they have plugged all the plugged all the leaks -. we still need to see how the kicking situation turns out.

it is good to see we have extended Seymour and the SOX have also extended Coco Crisp!

Yeah it is funny all these signings all of a sudden isn't it? No complaints here!

not really what I meant. just that we haven't gotten the terms($) of some of these deals the last few days.

Ahhh. My bad Reb! Well, the Pats are no surprise, they never tell anybody anything, but the Sox? I'm surprised they have been able to keep their mouths shut, but then again, wasn't that part of the deal for Theo to come back? To keep things like contract stuff in-house?

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