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Monday, May 22, 2006

A quick tale about the Wachusett Spring Fling

Well for those of you who may be wondering, my wife and I had a lot of fun at the Wachusett Brewery Spring Fling. It rained a little bit but thankfully there were some tents set up so we ducked underneath to keep dry. The rain only lasted a short time before it finally stopped.

Now, before I go any further into this mesmerizing tale, I must warn you about a few things not to do at an event such as this.

After drinking a bunch of high-test draft beers on an empty stomach, do not, under any circumstances, finish drinking the left-over iced coffee that's been sitting in your car for several hours, then drive down some back-ass, hilly, twisty, turny as fuck country road while sitting in the passenger seat. DO NOT DO IT. If you do, there is a good chance that you will yack before arriving safely home. Don't say you have not been warned.

Now on with the Spring Fling story:

I had a Monsta Ale for B over in Zurich (so nice of me), as well as a Black Shack and a Country Ale for the other folks who requested I 'have one for them'. Not a problem.

My wife had a Summer Ale and it took her two hours to drink it. In her defense she is most definitely not a beer chick. She's more or a margarita / mud-slide kinda gal.

While we were milling around the Spring Fling, checking everything out, we heard part of the band 'Trebek'. They were finishing up their set and doing some cover tunes. I was not paying a super amount of attention to them because we were walking around and looking at the various things going on at the Spring Fling, but for background music I thought they sounded pretty good and I could have swore when I was standing in line for a beer I heard them doing a cover of 'The Bars' by Black Flag... Which made me perk my ears up and upped their coolness factor a few notches for me. Of course, I could have been mistaken because I was too far away to hear exactly what they were playing but let's pretend it was Black Flag, just because.

My wife did not like them. 'Too heavy' she said. Again, the wife is not a hard rock chik, so no surprises there. I thought they sounded good, so maybe if I ever get a chance to go out and they are playing somewhere nearby, I will go see them.

The beers all tasted great. After I got all my drinking obligations for other people out of the way, I had a few Monsta Ales for myself while my wife worked on her Summer Ale. 'You don't have to drink it if you don't want to,' I told her.

'No, it's alright,' she said unenthusiastically. Obviously, she was not there for the beers. She was having fun watching all the people, listening to some music, and just spending some time together hanging out without someone yelling, 'MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!!'

A little while after Trebek's set ended, Clutch Grabwell came out. They always put on a great show and are a blast to see live. John Boyle, the lead singer, came out wearing some kind of crazy scottish getup that included a checkered pom-pom hat and fake red hair, shouting, 'GET IN MAA BELLY!!' That guy is a riot and Clutch Grabwell play great music to jump around to. You can't go wrong with them. Their riffs have a great hook that is just heavy enough for my tastes but with plenty of grrooove from the bass and horn section that the wife gets into them them as well. They have mass appeal those guys.

Except for the puke part at the end, a good time was most definitely had.


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Thanks for the Monsta Ale!!! Hmmm good!

That is a very tasty brew, as long as they are going in the right direction... down. ;)

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