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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Music for Mother's Day...

Some songs for Mother's Day. Might want to save some of these till after your visit with Mom...

Danzig: Mother... Can you keep them in the dark for life? Can you hide them from the waiting world? Oh, Mother...

Cash: When I was just a baby, my Momma told me son, always be a good boy, don't ever play with guns, but I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die...

Haggard: Momma tried to raise me better, but her pleading I denied, that leaves only me to blame 'cause Momma tried...

Ed Bruce (or you can go with Waylon and Willie's version too): Momma's don't let you babies grow up to be Cowboys. Don't let em pick guitars and drive them old trucks...

Misfits: I'll bring back a souvenir for it's my Mommy's dream...

Mudhoney: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Look at your son. You might have loved me, but now I got a gun. You better stay out of my way. I think I've had a bad day...

Queen: Tie your Mother down, give me all your love tonight...

Social Distortion: Mommy's Little Monster shoots methadrine. Mommy's Little Monster had sex at 15...

D.A.C.: I was drunk, the day my Mom got out of prison, and I went, to pick her up, in the rain...

Aerosmith: Keep in touch with Mama kin. Tell her where you’ve gone and been...

Be sure to check out Michele's fine Mother's Day musical selection as well, and of course, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!


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Hi BW!!!!!!

How are you? I have been plagued with internet troubles, but I am back. Hope that baby is doing well, and you and your old lady are getting some sleep by now.

I feel your pain with the Pats tickets. I didn't even try this year. What's worse, is I've been on the waiting list for season tix since before they won their first superbowl, and every now and then I'll get an envelope with the Pats' logo on it...only to tell me how to score a pair of tickets to the upcoming Bon Jovi of the month concert at Gilette stadium. Talk about playing with my heart (okay, I couldn't really afford season tix right now anyway, but...)

Anyway, Stanley cup playoffs...those sharks haven't looked so hot the last couple games. I'm thinking the west will be Edmonton-Anaheim, but stranger things have happened. Speaking of the sharks, I was in worcester for jury duty a couple weeks ago, and noticed the "shark territory" signs. For some reason, that makes me happy.

hope all is well with you-


Hey FS! Nice to hear from you! I have been wondering how you have been!

Everybody is doing good here, it is nice of you to ask. Still kinda sleepy but, I should be in bed right now, so can't blame that on anybody but me ;)

I was thinking the Sharks were going to roll but they have not been good lately, what's with these 6 goal games?? Oh well, if they don't make it I can still root for Edmonton too. I can't bring myself to root for Mickey's team. Either way, you are right, it will be good to have hockey back in Worcester again next season, that is for sure!

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