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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Preparing for [Ticket Master] battle...

In a few minutes I will be battling the the hordes on Ticket Master, in an attempt to get some Patriots tickets... The Target will be a Sept or October game if possible, but I'll take anything I can get.

Fingers crossed...

10:10 AM and Ticket Master is pissing me off so bad.. I've been giving my vocabulary of swear-words a good workout while I attempt in extreme frustration to get a ticket to any game... ANY FUCKING GAME!! WHAT THE FUCK TICKET MASTER YOU SUCK ASS!!

Update 2:
10:20 AM. Well I am sure the tickets are all gone by now but I am going to continue to try for another few min before I throw in the towel. Ticket Master makes you enter a security word to prevent automated programs from getting tickets. What a joke that is. The last one I had to enter was 'gouger'. 'How appropriate,' I thought...

Update 3, Final Update:
10:25 AM. In what I know in my brain is an exercise in futility, I'm making one last run down the list of games trying to get Pats tickets. 2 tickets, any price, somewhere in the stadium. You'd think that would not be so hard. Nothing available.

Instead of making you try to get tickets for individual games, Ticket Master should have a 'just give me a ticket to anything; any game, any price, any seat in the stadium' option.

The sick part of this whole masochistic, exceedingly frustrating process is that I logged into Ticket Master at exactly 10 AM on the dot and from the moment I started in my attempt to get a ticket, nothing was available. 10 seconds after 10 and nothing is available... HOW CAN THAT BE?? The tickets have only been on sale for 10 seconds and nothing is available??

I know. Tickets are long gone. But I gave it one last try. El-Zilcho. I quit.

Has anyone ever been successful in getting a ticket to a game through this process? I try every year. Why do I bother? ARG!!!

As my wife just aptly stated: 'It's ridiculous that normal people cannot get tickets to Patriots or Red Sox games.'

[Deep breath] Well that was fun.

On with the rest of my day. I've got a drop-ceiling to install...

One Last Update:
10:40 PM:
I just read Tom's post over at Pats Pulpit and he pretty much described the same experience I went through this morning, just with less swearing. It's a shame that real Pats fans can't get tickets to a game but I'm sure some corporate dick who does not even follow the game of football will get their choice of the best seats in the house this season.

It sucks.

Wait a min... I recall Belichick saying in his post-draft press conference that Scott Pioli was the man and to just give him a call if you wanted to get hooked up with tickets... Hmmmmm...


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