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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sox / MFY: Round 1...

Sox / MFY. Round 1 of 19. Bottom of the 8th. So far this has been a pretty tight game. I missed Johnny's introduction as I was outside cutting the lawn, but I got inside just in time to see Dougie's return to a standing O.

Somehow I find that rather fitting, as my reaction to Johnny, were I to have been at Fenway tonight, would have been to ignore his existence, but my reaction to Doug would have been to cheer loudly, and that's pretty much what I did, though I was not physically at the Park. Even though I was not there, I still felt part of the collective.

Dougie had a great night. No past balls, threw a man out at 2nd and I thought sure he was goin' long with one of those balls, but the wind knocked it down. I've always been a fan of Mirabelli. It was good to see him back at Fenway.

My kids came in for JD's second at bat and asked me why Damon was a Yankee. They were not sure what to make of Damon in a Yankee uniform. They seemed to be confused and obviously did not understand what was going on. To be honest, I did not have an easy time digesting Damon in that MFY uniform either. It just seemed wrong to me, like in that Star Trek episode where everything is reversed.

I told my wife how Damon got booed and her reaction was perfect. "Good," she said. Fuckin A.

Back to the game:
Big Poppy just absolutely crushed a Mike Myers ball into the bullpen. Even the strong wind that has been blowing in and knocking balls back into the park all night could not keep this one from going out. How perfect is it that the MFY got Myers just for this purpose, to handle Ortiz, and what does David do? He hits a 3 run homer. Ka-Pow! Nice.

The 8th inning is over and they're showing a Dunk's Smoothie ad right now. Let me just take a moment to point out that those things taste most excellent with some Cruzan rum added to them... especially the mango/passion fruit one, for those who might be intersted...

Top of the 9th now and the Sox have a 4 run lead, 7-3. Pap's in to finish it off, 1-2-3, circle the mound, pump the fist and it's ovah, Johnny. It's over!


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