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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sox / MFY - Round 4, Pats Rookie Camp...

I've been watching the Sox / MFY game all night while I goof around with this site, making a few changes to links and what-not. I know, really exciting stuff. Yeah. Right.

As I write this, it's the bottom of the 7th and after trailing the entire game, The Sox just recently took the lead in the top half of the 7th. This has been a pretty tight game. The Sox have had about 80 men on base tonight I think, but they have not been able to take advantage.

Wake was solid for the 1st 6 but as is usual when he pitches, he did give up a couple runs and it was looking like the Sox bats were going to leave him hanging again. Thankfully the Sox were able to get a couple runs across, with a little help from a bad throw to 1st by Jeter, to take the lead, currently 4-3...

I have been tired all week and this is part of the reason right here. I should be in bed with my eyes closed but instead I am up watching the baseball game. When it's over I'll get some sleep for about an hour if I'm lucky before the baby wakes up hungry. I have late night (11 PM-ish) and early morning (5 AM-ish) bottle duty. My wife gets the 2 AM-ish feeding duty.

Timlin looked like his old self in the bottom of the 7th. No fooling around. Jeter got on but that was it... E-Rod struck out to end the inning. Hopefully the Sox can add onto this 1 run lead and get a little cushion, just in case... Something tells me they will need to tack on a few more to keep the lead. Of course, I would love to be wrong here...

The Pats rookies will report to camp this weekend. I will be looking forward to hearing the reports on all the new players on the team.

Pats tickets go on sale Saturday and I will once again be trying to get some. I am hardly ever successful at getting Pats tickets by ordering them online, but I will be giving it a shot anyway.

Bottom of the 8th now and Foukie is in there against Bernie Williams. Keith is off to a good start with a strike but then proceeds to give up a lead off double. Oy... A fly ball and an out at 1st base gets Foulkie 2 outs but Williams advances to 3rd.

Papelbon is coming in.

Time to stop typing and watch the game. Lets Go RED SOX!


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