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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sox win, but take a big loss...

It was tough to see David Wells get hit on the knee by a come-backer last night. I'm not Wells' biggest fan, actually if he were not in a Red Sox uni, I really would not like him at all, but to see him just back off the DL and pitching well, and then have this happen... I really felt bad for the guy. I hope he will be ok.

His injury was described as a 'contusion, with no initial signs of serious injury'. Lets hope it looked (and felt) worse than it is and Wells can come back from this.

From a purely selfish, Red Sox perspective, I was happy to see Wells back on the mound. The 5 spot in our current pitching rotation did not exactly fill me with confidence, and with Wells back and pitching well, it was looking like that problem was going to be fixed. Now with Wells out for who knows how long again, maybe forever, The Sox will still have that big empty hole in the rotation every 5th day.

It would be great if The Sox could move Papelbon up into the rotation, but unfortunately, that would leave us without an effective closer.

Keith Foulke just does not have what it takes to step in at closer, at least not at this point anyway... I'm still in his corner, but reality is reality.

Oh and by the way, to the two 'fans' who were hassling Foulke on his way back to the dugout last night, you guys are fucking dick-heads... As a Sox fan, you embarrass me. Way to support your team fuckers. In case you didn't know, we need Foulke to be effective and getting his head all screwed up and pissed off again does not help The Sox, in fact it has the opposite effect. Nice job ass-hats...

Shill goes for win #200 tonight. Lets hope the D-Rays, and the rain, will not spoil his chances...


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