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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ty Law tease...

The last few days on NESN SportsDesk, the tease going into the 1st commercial break has sounded something like this: "...and coming up on SportsDesk, Ty Law visits the Pats! Will Law be making a happy return to The Pats?"

Translation: Now that you've gotten the Sox update, we're going to dangle this little carrot in front of you and hope you will hang around to watch the middle segment of the show...

Yes, Law has been into Foxboro for a physical, but that does not really mean anything. He's just shopping himself around, that's all. He's going to be visiting K.C. and a number of other teams as well.

It would be great to see Law back in a Pats uniform, but I don't see it happening. Ty has shown all along that he is more worried about feeding his family than owning any of the Pats' team records.

I think the current scenario with Ty Law is very similar to what went on with Keyshawn Johnson when he was a free agent. Belichick has a good relationship with Johnson and reportedly he has a good relationship with Ty Law as well, but as we saw when Keyshawn was available, having a good relationship with Belichick does not necessarily mean he's going to pay the big bucks that Ty will assuredly be looking for.

Law supposedly has a good relationship with Herm Edwards out in K.C. too, but I think the person that Law gets along with better than anyone else is Mr. Benjamin Franklin.

Like I said, it would be great to see Law back with The Pats, but Ty is going to sign with the team that pays him the most money, not the team who's head coach he has the best personal relationship with.

I wouldn't be getting that Ty Law jersey out of the closet yet...

In some unrelated NFL news, for some reason, this whole Reggie Bush jersey number story really bugs me. I don't know why, it just does.


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I thought that Law would have learned his lesson after a disasterous year with the Jets that one man, especially a corner, can't win games. After hearing his price tag, I guess he hasn't yet learned that lesson. Some team will pay it. Too bad the Raiders selected new DBs or else I'd expect Law in silver and black this year.

I saw in today's Herald there was an article that talked about how very few teams are interested in him right now because of the price he is asking (10 mil signing bonus, [rolls eyes]) and are content to 'wait him out' to see if the price drops...

Maybe somebody with deep pockets like Washington will swoop in there and take him. I don't know what their situation is at CB though...

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