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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yo, The Hell*??

Despite what my wife might like to believe, our baby daughter loves the Red Sox. She has been all out of whack with the lack of baseball games the last few days due to all the rain. She is never, ever fussy, except when she's hungry, and she was cranky this past weekend. My wife could not figure it out.

'No baseball,' I said.

I got the big, 'you are insane' eye roll from my better half, (but she knows deep down that it's true).

To make matters worse for my little Angel, Dad had to wake up early and go visit some customers on Monday morning, meaning no 5 AM-ish Sports Desk and Bottle... She was all out of whack.

Thankfully the last few nights, we've gotten her back into a routine. Red Sox baseball has been on and the game results have been good. That puts a smile on baby's face.

Tonight we were watching the game together, as is our usual routine in the evenings. She was resting comfortably in my arms while I described what was going on to her, and things were going smooth. Shilling was not dominant but was getting the job done, so she looked up at me, spit out the binky and closed her eyes. She obviously felt the lead was safe enough to head off to sleep. Once she was out, I put her to bed and came back downstairs, pretty much on the same wave-length.

'The Sox are in good shape. Shill is not mowing them down but they are fine. What's the score? 4-1 in the 4th? I think it's safe to pop in that Miami Vice Season 2 DVD that arrived in the mail the other day...' [Go ahead laugh, I don't care. I fuckin' love Miami Vice]. No sooner had Crockett called somebody 'Pal' for the umpteenth time in the 2 hour season 2 premiere, than it was time for a quick 'intermission' for Dad, along with a quick score check first...

"6-5, Sox?? THE HELL*? What happened?? Don' know, but know what, they're winnin' anyway... THEY. ARE. WINNING... Now, back to Vice."

As the season 2 premier ended and Crockett and Tubbs headed back south after a tough job in New York, I clicked back over to NESN to check the Sox game result: "This will be a win when I click it over," I said to myself, just in time to see Pap throw the game ending strike. Game ovah. Sox win.


*"The Hell": The origin of this somewhat goofy saying comes from a comment I read once on Beth's site from someone who was talking in the comments to a person who apparently does not watch football. It was something along the lines of, 'The Hell, you don't watch The Patriots??' It was probably just a typo, but I always found that funny so it stuck with me.


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