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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was going to write something about all the recent goings on in Patriots Nation today but I'm just too beat to get down anything substantial. I had kind of an ass-kicker of a day, a 2 hour drive down to a customer site, make them happy all day, then drive home 2 hours in the driving rain.

Got home kinda late and wound up eating a few pretzels and beers for dinner.

...And I've got to do it all again tomorrow. At least these guys I'm going down to see are nice to deal with, and I'd rather drive home and sleep in my own house than have to spend a night in a lonely hotel room, that's for sure...

A banner day for the site today, went over 5000 visitors. I know some people get that in a month, but for me that's pretty cool. A sincere thanks to everyone that stops by here.

I also had a couple of my favorite songs featured on Faster Than the World today, which is super cool. That site kicks ass on a daily basis.

Rollins Band is going to play Avalon in Boston this August. Dude. I am so there.

No more rain. I think we all need a break from these never ending clouds!!


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