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Monday, June 12, 2006

It's a Mini!

Pats mandatory Mini-Camp. Mandatory Patriots Mini-Post.

Tomorrow... For a football-starved Patriots Nation, this is the first chance to get a small taste of what lies ahead for The Patriots this season. We will finally get to see the 2006-07 Patriots, as they stand at the moment anyway, gathered in one place.

This may be only a short, mini-camp, but this is where the team will start to lay the foundation for the upcoming season. Here are a few things I'm interested in:

- Coaches: Belichick is still running the show, so no worries there, but there are now two new coordinators working both sides of the ball. I am hoping to hear some news about how the new coaching dynamic is playing out.

- Receivers: Deion Branch and his contract will get a lot of ink over the next few days, I'm sure. It sounds like he may be taking the Richard Seymour approach to getting a new deal. Hey, it worked for Richard... Branch deserves to be paid appropriately, but if he's looking for the Pats to break the bank, he may be disappointed. I have a feeling he is aware of this...

- Rookies: It is always exciting to see the new crop of rookies come out and play with the vets. I will be looking forward to hearing how they are meshing with the rest of the team.

- Defense: Tebucky's back along with a hopefully recuperated, Defensive Secondary. I'm hoping to hear some info on how Harrison is doing. I'm not expecting much news, this is The Pats after all, but hopefully we will hear some stories about elusive glimpses of Harrison running around and intimidating the fuck out of anybody that ventures near his area of the field.

- Brady: Word is going around that Tom Brady is more focused than ever after what happened in the Playoff game in Denver last season... I've got goose-bumps...



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Not that I dislike Deion Branch or anything but he doesn't have a T.O. talent. I think Brady makes him look better as Brady does for most of the offense. Go to work Branch.

I think you are right there Angela. Branch is a good receiver, no disputing that, but the correlation with him and Seymour does not exactly fit.

Branch is the best receiver on The Pats, while Seymour is the best DL in The NFL...

Either way, The Pats need Branch, and Branch must know he's not going to be the highest paid receiver in the league, so hopefully they all make nice and it does not even become an issue...

I like that comment, "Branch is the best receiver on the Pats, while Seymour is the best DL in the NFL" I gotta tell my dad that one. I give you the gold star for the day!

Woooo! Bling! Bling!


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