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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ministry show...

So I saw Ministry and RevCo last night down at the Palladium in Worcester. Rolled my ankle, a-gain. That always seems to happen to me at these things! No ace bandage required afterwards (this time.) And my ears are ringing a little bit, but not too bad. I started out the night with no ear-plugs but wound up putting them in after only a few songs. I'm glad I did or I'd probably be totally deaf today. Also had a slight headache this morning because I drank one too many whiskeys. Always gotta take it a little too far...

I was telling my Wife, 'Boy, I was not paying enough attention to how much my drinks cost. They were like ten bucks each!'

'Ten bucks, what kind of drinks were you getting?'

'A shot and a beer, like always..'

'Ah, that's actually two drinks, dear.'

'Oh. Yeah I guess, technically it is...'

As for the actual show, both RevCo and Ministry put on a great show, just don't ask me what the hell the songs they played were because I have no idea. The only one I recognized was 'Stigmata' which was the last one that Ministry played at the end of the show. Other than that there was lots of double bass drums, and lots of guys singing through bull-horns. And guitars. Lots of guitars.

I thought RevCo was cool. The singer came out wearing a tuxedo and was very fun to watch. Actually the whole band was fun to watch. There was a second guy who also sang a few songs, and when he was not singing he put on some weird looking mask and what looked like a policeman's hat, and he climbed around on top of the speakers a lot. There was a woman playing the bass. Looked good, played good. Al Jourgensen played guitar. He was playing a cool semi-hollow body guitar. I could not tell what kind it was but it was not a Gibson.. I noted that Jourgensen plays real high up on the neck with his pick. Just an interesting tidbit.

At one point between shows I went to visit the men's room and I got in what I thought was the line, at least it looked like the line anyway.. I was just kind of standing there minding my own business, waiting for the line to move, and the guy in front of me is just staring right at me, with a somewhat irritated, stoney expression on his face, like I am invading his personal space or something by standing there. After about a minute of the 'line' not moving, I asked the guy, 'ahh, dude are you in line here?'

'NO' he replied in a very irritated tone.

So I said something along the lines of, 'Well what the fuck dude? Go stand somewhere else...' and with that I got into the real bathroom line.

I saw him again later as I was walking out, having a hissy fit about not being able to smoke a cigarette. Having a little nic-fit I guess..

During the Ministry show some guy fell down in the pit and I went to help him up. I grabbed him by the arm and pulled and my hand just slid right off his arm because it was so sweaty. Gross, but I tried again. Same result. It did not help that he did not seem to be making much of an attempt to get up on his own, so I yelled, 'Get the fuck up ya sweaty fuck!'

'Sorry,' he said after eventually getting up. I've never had anyone tell me 'Sorry' in the middle of a pit before. Funny. I gave him a smile and a shove.


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