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Friday, June 30, 2006

NFL Owner Power Rankings: Kraft #1...

Sports Illustrated recently put out an article that ranked the NFL's team owners.

I found it very interesting that The Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, was ranked as the #1 team owner in the league. Not that I disagree with their assessment, though I am admittedly biased.

The reason I find it interesting is due to the fact that Kraft was once perceived, by the media at least, as a meddlesome owner, a tinkerer who interfered with the Football Operations of the team, who generally got in the way and stuck his nose where it didn't belong.

Looks like that perception in the media is long gone now... I should also mention that that, even though the owner of my team happens to be listed as #1, these Owner Power Rankings, compiled by these so called 'media experts' are about as useful as the Team Power Rankings that are done by the same bunch during the season.

It's cool that Kraft is ranked as #1, but in the end the whole Power Ranking thing is all pretty meaningless. Interesting, but meaningless.

(Did I mention that The Pats Training Camp starts in 4 weeks, on July 28th?)


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Robert Kraft is the best thing to ever happen to the Patriots. God, I love that man. We are truly blessed to have, biased opinion or not, the best owner in the NFL.

I could not agree more! :)

Now if I could just get a ticket to a game...

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