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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Playing along with the Sox..

The band I had been playing with for the last few weeks decided they liked me and offered me the position, (or should I say, 'gig'?). I was pretty happy about that. They are a good bunch and it turns out we have a lot of stuff in common besides music, like being Patriots and Red Sox fans for one thing.

In fact, the singer in the band is a humongous Red Sox fan and she knows her shit cold when it comes to the game too. She's like a walking baseball encyclopedia. That's fucking cool.

They told me they had a couple other guys besides me come in and try out a few weeks ago, but they did not work out. I guess one guy had a weird personality, like he thought he was still living in 1985 or something, and the other guy told them that he could play, but when he showed up to the practice he could not keep up with any of the songs they were doing. (It's not like we are doing any incredibly difficult stuff either...) I guess there were some ego issues involved as well.

Hey whatever. I'm in. I'm happy to be in. That's all. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to this stuff. All I care about is that they are open minded about the songs we are playing. I'll put up with a few Beatles tunes as long as we can throw a Social D or Misfits tune in there somewhere down the line.

I worked on a few songs tonight while I had the Sox game on in the background. Beckett was in cruise mode and it was a low stress game, which the Sox eventually won, meaning I could concentrate more on the songs and not what was going on in the game. I saw Gabe the Babe's homer. Awesome.

To learn the songs, I have been looking up the lyrics and copying them into a text document. Then I fill in the chords in the right places with the lyrics. I am not trying to get the exact notes written out right now, as long as it is the right base chord. This is just for me to use as a cheat sheet to help me learn the songs faster.

It seems to be working good so far. I had been trying to download tabs off the interweb but that was not working out. Half the time they were wrong or I could not make sense out of the way they were written. I find this new method I am using is working out good.

The songs I worked on tonight were:
Already Gone - Eagles
Birthday - Beatles
Bitch - Meridith Brooks
Cochise - Audioslave
Every Breath You Take - The Police
Joey - Concrete Blonde
Rockin In the Free World - Neil Young
Don't Take Me For Granted - Social Distortion (That one was mine. Shocking.)


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