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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Still the balls...

Last night, sitting on the couch with my Wife, watching the end of the Sox game, top O' the 9th...

Papelbon's got that coiled snake look about him, and as Remy points out, he seems to be annoyed with himself for blowing the save in the previous inning. Thankfully the Sox batters had his back and re-took the lead, giving him a second chance. Papelbon gets the first two batters with emphasis on swinging strikes, but the 3rd batter follows up with a single in-field hit.

Mike Lowell knocks the ball down at 3rd before it reaches the outfield but with his bare-handed throw off the wet grass, the ball is a little wide of the plate at first. A nice play by Youk to keep the slick ball inside the lines. 'You want them at the corners, you need them at the corners...' (I still think that thing is a god-damn jinx by the way.)

A pinch runner, now in at first, steals second base, but Pap is focused on home plate and putting an end to this nonsense right here and now. A few giant, swinging cuts at the plate later and it's strike 3. Game over.

Back on my couch, after my own, big, double-pump of the fists, Papelbon style, I look over at my wife, who is shaking her head at the antics.

'That guy Papelbon is the balls.'

"The balls huh?" she asks wryly.

'Yup. The Mutha-Fuckin' BALLS.'


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