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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yo Paul-ey!

It was tough to see tonight's game vs the Yankees wind up as a loss for the young Sox pitcher, David Pauley. He pitched well all evening and deserved to get a win, but he made one critical mistake in the 7th when he failed to scoop up a ball that was hit back to the mound for what should have been the last out of the inning.

Once the ball got past Pauley, you could also say that Sox 2nd Baseman Mark Loretta probably should have been able to get to that ball as well, but that did not happen either as he whiffed on a one-handed grab attempt and the ball wound up getting through the infield for a hit.

Pauley left the game with the bases loaded and gave way to Rudy Seanez, who allowed the Yankees go ahead run on a bases loaded walk. The MFY went on to eventually take the game, 2-1.

Yes, Pauley could have ended the inning in the 7th had he gotten that ball, but it should also be pointed out that the Sox bats left him out to dry as well.

I'm not sure which game was more painful, last night's or tonight's. Pick your poison, an embarrassing blow-out or a tight, one run loss... Ug.

Thankfully we've still got two left vs the MFY and a chance for a series split. Shilling needs to be the stopper tomorrow...


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yea what was up with the Sox bats last night last time i checked Wake wasdn't pitching til tmw

I hear ya. Hope this dang rain will not throw a wrench into Shill's start...

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