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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Branch ad-nauseum, Sox lose, Yanks win...

Expect to hear daily reports on Deion Branch's holdout as the press does everything in it's power to whip Patriots fans into a frenzy about the situation.

Link: BostonHerald.com - N.E. Patriots: Agent: Branch wants fair treatment.

I gotta admit, Deion not being at camp does bug me. The Patriots internal rule of not discussing pretty much anything at all with anybody outside of the organization can be a double edged sword sometimes.

There's no denying the Patriots' information clampdown policy is a good thing for the team, but with situations like Deion's hold out and Maroney's contract, I can't help but wonder what's going on. Are the two sides talking? Are they close to making a deal? Are they not talking at all? What's going on? We'll never know. That's just the way it is with The Patriots.

After taking the first two games against the A's, The Sox lost yesterday's series finale.

I have not watched any of the last few West Coast games. 10 PM is just too late for me to start watching a ball game, so every morning for the last few days, I'd wake up and check the scores.

I'd see the Sox had won, 'YES!' Then I'd see the MFY had also won, 'DAMMIT!'

Last night I actually watched the end of the Texas / MFY game to see if the Yankees would lose.

My wife was flabbergasted. 'This isn't even the Red Sox. Why are we watching this?'

'The Sox lost today so I want to see if the Yankees will lose. COME ON TEXAS!'

'Well I'm not watching this. This is ridiculous,' she said.

Of course, the Yankees did not lose as I had hoped they would. Texas had them on the ropes in the late innings but could not close the deal and the Yanks wound up gaining ground on The Sox in the standings.

The Sox just can't seem to put any distance between themselves and the Yankees, but, that's the way it always is I guess.

Even though I keep telling myself not to, it seems I've become fixated on the AL East standings. That is not good. I have a hard time letting go once I've become fixated on something. Dammit.


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I have a hard time letting go once I've become fixated on something. Dammit -- -- really? hehe

how is the basement coming along??


Dude, the basement has sloooooowd to a crawl and it's pissing me off. Well not pissing me off but definetely irritating me cuz it's soooo close to being finished and I just wanna finish that fucker up and be done with it.

I'm at a point where I need to borrow / have access to tools that I don't own to do the finish stuff, unless I want to go out and spend $$$$ to buy an air compressor and a nail gun that I'll never use again... grumble.

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