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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sox avoid embarassment, take the final game against the Rays...

My wife was watching some pre-hottie Natalie Portman / post-hottie Susan Sarandon chick flick so I was left to getting updates on tonight's Sox game via the computer.

I watched with mounting consternation as the Sox seemingly comfortable 4 run lead over the Rays continued to shrink as the innings wore on, going from 4 runs down to 1 run as we hit the top of the 9th.

If the Sox blew this one, it would not have gone over well.

The movie ended and I clicked over to the Sox game just in time to see a bunch of the good guys rounding the bases in the top of the 9th inning. Suddenly the lead was back to being comfortable again and I could relax.

The Sox bats finally woke up, (and for Wake! There's a pun in there somewhere..) and they avoided the sweep.

On to Chi-town...

(Oh. And it's 3 weeks 'till The Pats training camp starts. Just in case you were wondering...)


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I am in Chicago tonight to catch my flight tomorrow. Sox are sold out and I checked on the web - sheesh the tickets are expensive!!

Oh man too bad. That would be cool to see that game. Maybe you can go down to the ballpark and get some last minute tickets. If it's like Fenway, maybe they have some game-day tickets on sale at the park.

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