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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wakefield 1-5-0

Congrats to Tim Wakefield for career victory 150 today. Congrats to Manny for his 2,000th hit. Of course, with all these milestones, is seemed inevitable that one had to end, and Boston's streak of error free games ended at 17 games. I was bummed out to see the streak end, but it had to happen eventually.

I actually sat and watched some of the game with my Dad today, which was pretty cool. My Dad knows absolutely zip about baseball. I mean zilch. Nothing. He does not even know how to tell what the score of the game is. He does not know that there is an away and a home half to every inning...

I'm not trying to rag on him or anything, I'm just trying to get across how little the man knows about baseball. See, that's why I think it's cool that I watched some baseball with my Dad today. I explained how to understand the score (runs, hits, errors), I explained how the innings work, how to know wether it's a ball or a strike, and what's generally going on in the game. It was kinda weird too, because explaining baseball, for most people anyway, is normally the Dad's job, but it was still cool.

Maybe I'll get him to Fenway Park someday. We'll probably have to start with a Worcester Tornadoes game and work our way up.


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