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Friday, July 21, 2006

West coast baby. Pretty Cool Huh?

Anybody out there every had Reiner beer? Awesome stuff. Ok. It's the West Coast equivalent of Budwieser. But still. I don't care. I love it. Is it still around? I can't seem to find any references to it in google. What's up with that?

10 PM

Wife: What, is the game just staring now?

Me: Yeah, they're playing in Seattle.

Wife: Well I'm not staying up for this.

Me: I probably won't either...

And yet, here I am, still watching the game, wondering if I should grab another beer out of the fridge. At 11 PM.

Tek just hit a home run to make it 4-0, Sox. That is good because the AA starter on the mound for The Sox will need all the help he can get tonight.

So, while you're here, what's goin' on? Happy Reward Friday.

How about Shea Hillenbrand and his little tirade up in Toronto? Remember when he was considered 'un-tradeable' by many in Red Sox Nation? Till all of a sudden he got traded for pitcher Bun Yun Kim, who did nothing but irritate me... and Hillenbrand called Theo 'A Fag' on the way out of Boston. Hmm. I wonder what Shea called the guys up in Toronto? Dumb-Ass.

I was watching 'NFL Tonight' on ESPN earlier this evening and they did a feature on Tedy Bruschi and the day he spent with a young boy from the 'Make a Wish' foundation who had lived through a heart condition very similar to Tedy's.

Tedy had him down to Foxboro and gave him the grand tour of Gillette Stadium, with a locker all decked out for him, uniform, pads, helmet, a game ball, the Lombardi Trophy.. everything. Bruschi had this young boy run out onto the field through the big football helmet, run down the field for a touchdown, dude, he gave this little kid the works, the fucking works.

I gotta say, Tedy Bruschi made me cry. Watching how happy he made that little kid with all the stuff he did for him, I was all misty and choked up. Somebody punch me in the arm, quick.

Tedy Bruschi is the best. '54'


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reiner is seatle and portland now. although i can't really comment on it that much. They used to be in california but it disappeared along time ago. They had these little 8 or nine ounce bottles. kinda of weird.

but the reiner mountain is kinda cool to look at


we were both spelling it wrong!


Ah ha! That's why I could'nt find anything on it. See, spelling does count ;)

Looks like the old Seattle brewery is gone but you can still get Rainier Beer in the Northwest. Somebody is still making it, somewhere...

the only reason i figured it out was cause i knew it was named for that mountain in seattle. See, sometimes it helps to have a friend on the west coast

now if i can olny find Mt. Lucky Lager, i'll ne set!

Thanks dude, I need all the freinds I can get, east or west coast! :)

I've never had a Lucky Lager, but I would certainly be open to trying one! ;)

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