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Monday, July 10, 2006

When was the last time I posted?

When was the last time I posted? Last week or something? I can't remember. Dude, I am flat out all the time busy. Some day I'd like to spend a weekend just doing nothing but hanging out in the sun. Maybe when I'm too old to move I can get my son to come over here and help me with all this stuff.

Last weekend, with the help of my father-in-law, who has had to give up way too much of his life for this project, I got the closet doors installed and framed with trim in our basement, a soon to be finished room. Got some baseboard trim in too.

This week the guy from the oil company is going to come and finish up the heat and then we can get the rest of the baseboard trim in. That should be pretty easy. And we have one window and one door, a pocket door, to frame up with trim. Oh, and the cabinets and shelves. Sheesh.

I think then it will be finished and it will finally be Miller Time on this basement project for real.

A couple cool things happened to me over the past few days.

My baby daughter, who is 4 months old and is doing great, rolled over from her back onto her tummy. She's on the move now! Pretty soon she'll be crawling. What a joy she is.

My 'big kids', my daughter and son, who are 4 years old, have been doing really well too. They start summer-time camp and summer-time pre-school this week. They have been taking swimming lessons and they are really doing great at it. They swim like fish and really love the water.

I think I really have something in common with my older daughter. She seems to really like music. She is always coming up with her own tunes and songs. When I play my guitar she jumps around and dances. Plus she likes the Ramones. And Black Flag. And Social Distortion. Her fav is The Ramones.

That's good 'jump around music' she says.


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good to see you are working hard and the faimly is doing well! The Sox seem to be doing ok and Patriots training camp starts soon!

I am glad you are happy with all my hard work! Ha ha!

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