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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A day off...

Hey what's up internets. Today is a day off for me. I'm not a at work. I'm at home. I decided to take a little mini-vacation and roll right into the long, holiday weekend.

I was supposed to take a trip up to New Hampshire today with the family, but one of my kids has some kind of stomach thing.

It was quite blechhy around here last night, so we decided to hold off for one more day and head up north tomorrow instead. We are going to visit the White Mountains and go to a place called 'Storyland'. I hope it will be a lot of fun for everybody.

Today I've been hanging around the house and taking care of a few odds and ends, like fixing a drippy faucet, putting a dimmer switch into one of the bedrooms, scintillating stuff like that. Later I'll be mowing the lawn. Woo!

Try to contain your excitement, please.

My wife says I've become a regular 'Mr. Fix-It'.

Hey, like Red Green says, "if women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."


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We went to story land when I was a kid.... a long boring ride... rbing plenty of stuff to keep the kids entertained.

Funny I do not remember if I liked stroy land or not...


Well you probably did not have a 'Little Richard - Shake it all about: The hokey pokey and other fun songs!' CD. We do. So we should be set!

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