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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Digging in for the long haul

Earlier this morning we got all the, 'So you moving on to The Patriots after this weekend' banter out of the way with the local office MFY fans.

My response, 'Like my shirt?' as I pointed to my blindingly red colored Red Sox 2004 ALCS Champions t-shirt.

'That didn't really happen,' was the MFY fan's response.

'Oh yes it did pal, and I got the shirt on right here to remind you of it.'

It serves as a reminder to myself as well. Despite the fact that The Sox have only won a single series during entire the month of August so far, we are still in playoff contention and I'm not about to throw in the towel on the season yet.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? HELL NO!

The Red Sox just like to get their backs up against the wall before they come out swinging.

I'm going to continue to believe that The Sox are going to pull this season out of the dumpster, put the last month behind them and start kicking ass. I hate throwing in the towel. Fuck throwing in the towel. Did Rocky let Mickey throw in the towel? No he didn't. He made Mickey cut his eye open then he got back in the ring and punched Apollo Creed in the ribs till he was spitting blood.

That's what the Red Sox need to do now.

'Cut me Mick..'

How about this for an analogy: right now the grass in my lawn is brown, dry and crunchy. It looks dead, but it's not. It's just waiting. Waiting to pounce. And come September it's going to be lush and green again, pissing off the neighbors and making them all jealous with it's lush green-ness. All it needs is a little bit of rain and some cool temps and it will be right back. That's what the Red Sox need. Lots of water and some cool weather.

Ok. Time to stop with the analogies. You get the idea.

This post is unraveling quickly so in closing, don't ask me to save your seat on this bandwagon. Either strap in or get off now.

I just hope The Sox don't go on a run and then wind up missing the playoffs by 1 game. They did that a few seasons ago, I don't remember which one, 2002 maybe? Or was it earlier than that. That might have been the infamous 'more days in first place' season. I'm not sure. I think my sub-conscious has blocked it out. I just remember we missed the playoffs by 1 game. 1 friggin game! That sucked. So let's not do that again Red Sox. Thank you.

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