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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eagles release Pinkston, too bad he's still effing hurt...

The Philadelphia Eagles released receiver Todd Pinkston yesterday. When I saw the article headline, my first reaction was, 'cool, he could wind up with the Pats'.

Then I read the article. The guy is hurt. He's recovering from a torn achilles tendon and is still playing with pain.

'F that,' I said to myself, 'Next..'

Too bad. The Pats could use another decent receiver.

Unlike most folks, I have a feeling the Deion Branch holdout situation is going to be a prolonged problem. The Pats will move on without him and I think they will be ok, but at the same time, it is a shame because Branch could really be the key piece for the Pats offense that makes the whole puzzle fit together.

The Pats have depth on the O-line, they look to have a great stable of running backs, the tight-ends look phenomenal so far, and of course, you've got Tom Brady at QB. The receiver situation is the weak spot, but the addition of Branch to the receiver corps could make a world of difference. Unfortunately, you can't count on him showing up, so we move forward without him.

The Pats will play their final preseason game against the NY Giants tonight. The key to the game tonight is very simple: NO INJURIES!!! Thank you. And a special thanks to YOU oh wise, powerful and always merciful Football Gods.

[The Football Gods like to be buttered up a little before the real games start. They appreciate that.]

In Belichick We Trust

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