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Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Friday, Pats latest gambit...

Hey what's up inter-dweebs. Did you ever notice I'm usually in a good mood on Friday? Well duh, most people like Friday right?

Hope everybody is having a good one.

I'm pretty psyched because I'm going to see The Pats in pre-season game 3 tomorrow vs The Washington Redskins. Yeah, I know, it's only pre-season, but I'm still excited to go. I'll take any chance to go and see the Pats, pre-season or not. Game 3 is usually the best of the pre-season games.

Hopefully the weather will be ok. Earlier reports called for rain but the weather report has a sun with a cloud on it right now, so hopefully that will hold out. I'm planning on bringing my camera so if I manage to get any pics that are interesting I will post them up, hopefully not to long after the game.

This latest maneuver by the Pats in the Deion Branch hold out, giving him the ability to seek a trade, is very interesting. Personally I like it.

I like Branch as a player, but I think maybe he has an over inflated idea of what he should be paid. Of course, from his perspective, I'm sure he sees how things worked out with Richard Seymour's contract after he held out, and how his former team-mate David Givens got paid down in Tenessee and figures, he's due.

Well, to tell the truth, Branch is due. I'm not saying the Pats should not pay him, but the Pats have their idea of what he's worth, and Branch has his. Some people say, hey, the team has plenty of money, they're millions of dollars under the salary cap, why don't they just pay him what he wants? They will, but they will pay him what the team thinks he is worth, not the other way around.

Personally, I like that. I like that The Pats do not cave in to players. That is just me. I root for the laundry baby, not the name on the back of the jersey. I have faith that Belichick and Pioli know what they're doing. Call it blind faith if you want to. Three Superbowl titles have earned them that faith, at least from this fan anyway.

This latest move puts the ball squarely in Branch's court. Feel free to go out and test the market Deion and find out what you can really get out there. Find out what you're really worth and get back to us.

I mean, why not? Branch is sure as hell not contributing anything to the team right now, despite his contractual obligations to do so, so if The Pats can trade Deion for a player or players that are actually going to be on the field and producing, why not? Maybe one Deion Branch can get the Pats a couple decent players that will actually get on the field. How about a receiver or maybe a linebacker and a 2nd round draft pick?

During the Belichick Era, The Pats have always been about the team, not the player, and the bottom line is, one way or another, things will work out. The Pats, the team will be ready to go in September, wether Branch is still a Patriot or not.

In Belichick We Trust

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