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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Irritating 'Tek talk...

With Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek about to undergo knee surgery, I've heard several comments lately about 'Tek that go something like this, 'Now that he's hurt, you have to wonder if he'll ever be anything other than a .250 hitter who calls a good game.'

Comments like this get under my skin so I'm just going to say this and get it out of my system: A catcher's primary job on the team is not to hit home runs at every at bat. A catchers primary job, is to 'call a good game'.

That Varitek's ability to handle the pitching staff and manage the game is somehow considered by many to be secondary to his batting average is befuddling to me.

'Calling a good game' is the most important job on the team and Varitek is very good at it. Stop focusing on his batting average and look at the big picture. Thank you.

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I completely agree I mean I'm only in highschool but catching is probably the hardest position I've ever played and the only position I haven't played is pitcher now I don't really have to call pitches just location but it's still pretty hard I consider Varitek's offense a bonus to the way he handles the pitching staff

Cool Katie. I'm glad somebody out there gets it! :)

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